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The Xanadu Residency Program is a 16-week program designed to provide graduate and undergraduate students in engineering, science, and computer science the opportunity to learn, build technical skills, conduct innovative research and contribute towards technically challenging projects. 

Residents will have the opportunity to be mentored and supervised by our scientists, physicists and engineers within Xanadu. 

This 16-week residency program will launch with a 1 week quantum machine learning bootcamp. Its design will: 

  • Connect you to the other residents through your shared study and experiences, as well as with Xanadu leaders through their shared excitement of delivering real scientific impact;
  • Introduce Xanadu itself—its culture and what makes it a special place to work; and 
  • Provide a fundamental and common understanding of quantum machine learning (both research and applications) and Xanadu’s offerings. 

You will then be introduced to your supervisor and move on to your project (or projects) in the research, education and/or software realms, depending on your interests and background. You, alongside your team, will work on challenging projects such as:

  • Characterizing the differences between quantum and classical machine learning models;
  • Investigating the link between data embeddings and expressibility;
  • Exploring tensor network representations for quantum machine learning;
  • Compiling Gaussian subcircuits;
  • Variational methods for bosonic systems;
  • Visualizing quantum operations and states; and
  • Designing and building interactive educational content.

Candidates currently enrolled in graduate programs (Masters or PhDs), in particular at Canadian institutions, are encouraged to apply. Top candidates for all internship areas will have:

  • Strong interest in quantum computing and quantum software;
  • The ability to learn quickly and work on a team;
  • Experience in an academic program related to quantum computing, physics, computer science, engineering, or other applicable area of study; and
  • Extensive experience with scientific programming in Python (or equivalent experience in another programming language).

Further, depending on the specific project, candidates will have one or more of:

  • Coursework, research or projects in quantum information, computation, algorithms, software, or other applicable area of study (for research projects);
  • Experience with software frameworks like NumPy, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Qiskit, Cirq, PyQuil, etc.; and
  • Experience teaching or TAing (either in person or online) and experience writing code-first tutorials and educational content (for education projects).

Visit our Xanadu Residency Program for more details.

Please apply by submitting your CV and statement of interest (including which area/topics/supervisor you'd like to work with) by December 15, 2021.