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Vessel is hiring Software Developers of all levels to join a small and capable team of builders working on a cloud-based fintech web app. Tech includes TypeScript, SvelteKit, Node, Nix, Docker, and AWS.

What we do

Private Equity and Venture Capital investing needs fixing. Top performing funds are difficult to discover, have prohibitively high minimums usually upwards of $500k, and are stuck in the analog world. A multi-trillion dollar asset class where phone calls and meetings are conducted to determine risk appetite and suitability, followed by the printing, signing, and faxing of documents before you finally write a cheque. The regular investor can’t get in.

Vessel is bringing private market investing to the digital investor. We use technology to verify identities and documents, create digital investor profiles, shorten the subscription and closing process, and collect capital. We use our scale to pool investor capital and write large cheques to funds while lowering minimums to $50k for individual investors. Investors get access to exclusive funds, fund managers get access to a new retail channel of money and a broad suite of tools to manage them.

About the work

You’ll be building an investor onboarding platform to collect documents, photos, and IDs then verifying it all digitally. And a fund management platform to invite, organize, and push investors across the lifecycle of their investments in a fund. And a workflow to discover funds and send your money. And a document signing experience, a ledger, detailed reporting of investment performance, and tons more.

Vessel is just starting. We’re very well capitalized and seeking product market fit. Right now, early feedback has given us strong conviction in our vision and you will be building the aforementioned products with us. But everything could change overnight if our customers aren’t getting the experience they want. You’ll be writing code with the CTO and the rest of the small team, but ultimately you’re working to solve our customers' problems and bring private investment access to small individual investors. That’s everyone's goal, whatever it takes. Everyone on the team is expected to teach and be taught in return to help us reach that goal.

We’re all-in on SvelteKit for the web app experience and Node for the supporting backends. You’ll be writing it all in TypeScript, covering it with automated testing, and continuously deploying it to AWS via pipelines we build ourselves. We love Managed Relational Databases and leveraging Row Level Encryption to ensure the safety and security of our customers' very sensitive information.

Most of your time will be spent on the above. Sometimes things go wrong and production bugs happen. Usually it’s not an issue and we don’t expect perfection. But when dealing with customer money, even a visual bug can cause customers stress. So part of this job means making a big deal out of small problems to retain customer trust. You will occasionally be on-call which might mean getting woken up at midnight to fix things when it’s your turn.

If you’ve read Shape Up or Mythical Man Month, and you liked the surgical team or really want to work in six week cycles, you’ll fit right in here. You will work with a small and capable team across software, product, finance, and ops to build the right product. We don’t work in sprints. We don’t collect daily updates of everything you did yesterday. We work in highly autonomous, outcome-focused cycles that last multiple weeks followed by a week of cooldown. We do not wait for minutiae to be clarified. We instead drive to solutions by acting in the best interest of the company and the customer.

About you

Vessel is looking to add 5 software developers to the team of varying experiences. Everyone on the team is expected to wear multiple hats, but that does not mean you need to know them all to join. You might be new in your career, or an experienced back-end developer who wants to learn SvelteKit, or a self-taught full-stack developer that feels right at home in all these technologies. Everyone is expected to be a learner, but nobody is expected to be an expert in every technology we use from day one.

You must be comfortable with most of our basics. Relational databases, SQL, TypeScript, HTTP semantics (e.g. authentication mechanisms; server, proxy, and client caching; common headers) and browser technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). What you aren’t comfortable with, you are someone who will learn these things quickly.

Reproducibility is important. We use Nix to pin developer dependencies and Docker for production artifacts. Avoiding introducing randomness into any stage of development will need to become reflexive for you. You’re comfortable on the command line and a portable Unix toolchain.

You are annoyed if we’re loading the same heavy asset six times in the client and slowing down first page load. But you don't sink a full day into optimizing the last 400 bytes of a compressed image below-the-fold. You’re capable of balancing returns – the customer and developer experience – and investments on your own.

You prefer operational tooling and infrastructure auditability to manual changes. In an emergency, you will opt to use admin UIs and make manual changes to recover the service. And you will then make note of your changes to write runbooks, infra-as-code, and ops tools to fix them the second time.

Lastly, you may or may not have a degree. What matters is that you want to do the job and can learn to fill in the gaps. Your experience is important. And where you lack experience, you show potential and unwavering commitment.

Pay and job details

We believe in transparent and competitive compensation. The salary ranges from $100,000 (Junior) to $170,000 (Senior).

You'll also be offered equity in the company. Our health and dental coverage plan is generous and above market. You’ll get 20 days of paid vacation and 5 paid sick days. Additionally, everyone gets another full week (sometimes more!) paid vacation between Christmas and New Year while the whole office is closed and we don’t worry about emails from colleagues.

The role is hybrid and our offices are in Montreal. You must be comfortable coming to the office occasionally. Vessel trusts everyone to do their best work where they please while simultaneously valuing physical connections in-office. For 60 days a year, you can decide where and how you work with no expectation of office presence. We just ask that you overlap with Eastern timezone.

What to expect

To apply to the role, you’ll need to md5-hash a string and upload a resume that helps us gauge your suitability for this role. Hash the string "vesselfunds" using md5 and include it in the field "Anything relevant that your resume doesn't cover?"

If you don’t have the experience, then showcase your skills and potential in writing by telling us about something you’ve done, something relevant to the work we do, or something that excites you. You don’t need a fancy job history.

After we review your application, you will either be invited to do a virtual video interview with us or you will be notified via email that we will not be proceeding with your application. Please give us a few days to get back to you.

We’ll aim to make the interview process as quick and as painless as possible, and encourage everyone to apply if they think they’re ready to do some of the best work of their careers.

Vessel looks forward to hearing from you!

tags: TypeScript, SvelteKit, Node, Nix, Docker, AWS

range: 100k-170k

snippet: Vessel is hiring developers, of all levels, to create a cloud-based fintech web app. Join a small team of capable builders.