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The Students Commission of Canada is looking for a Data Coordinator to support the security, integrity, and tracking of the data we collect through our research and evaluation platform,

Data Coordinator

Status: Permanent Full-Time, Salaried

Hours of Work: 37.5 hours per week - Monday to Friday. This position does require a flexible work schedule, working evenings and weekends on occasion.

Location: Toronto, Ontario (Yonge/Bloor area, temporary Remote during COVID-19 pandemic)

Openings: 1

Apply by: February 4, 2022


The Students Commission of Canada (SCC) is the lead organization for the Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement (CEYE). CEYE is a network of youth, organizations, and academics focused on generating evidence and best practices on youth engagement programs, initiatives, and interventions. CEYE has developed a youth engagement definition for the Canadian context as well as a comprehensive youth engagement framework.

In 2011, the Students Commission of Canada identified a consistent gap in the capacity of Canadian youth-serving organizations to effectively tell their story. The SCC therefore launched the Sharing the Stories (StS) research and evaluation platform. StS includes reliable and valid quantitative and qualitative evaluation tools. More importantly, it includes a team of coaches and analysts who support organizations to effectively tell the story of their programs. For more information, please visit the StS website:

As a member of our team you will enjoy a dynamic and supportive work environment. We have a dedicated staff team that care deeply about the young people and organizations we partner with. As a small organization, you will have the opportunity to try your hand at a number of tools and projects, ensuring diversity and breadth of work. We are known to work hard, but we have fun doing it! Finally, as a data coordinator you will play a critical role in amplifying youth voice in Canada in order to improve programs and drive systems change.

Sharing the Stories Vision

Sharing the Stories is focused on building an anonymized database of information for youth, the youth sector, policy-makers, and funders. The information gleaned from the database supports:

1. Youth Voice: StS provides a platform for young people to have their voices heard in the programs and initiatives that work with them.

2. Youth Sector: StS provides a platform for organizations to learn about what’s working in their programs and what might need to be improved.

3. Policy-Makers: StS identifies trends in the youth-serving sector and shares them with policy-makers so that policy can be informed by evidence.

4. Funders: The evidence generated from StS informs funders on the effectiveness of their programs.

Sharing the Stories is organized around reporting on change on Three Levels using CEYE’s Youth Engagement Framework.

· The individual level focuses on reporting on changes (positive and negative) for individual youth and adult allies.

· The social level focuses on reporting on changes (positive and negative) in relationships. For example: how youth interact with other youth or how youth interact with other adult allies.

· The system level focuses on reporting on changes (positive and negative) for programs, organizations, and policy-makers. For example, how youth influence program design or how youth influence government policy.

Our Values

The Four Pillars: Respect, Listen, Understand and Communicate™ function as the spirit, heart, head, and feet of The Students Commission, representing both its core values and its foundational process. All staff, volunteers, and participants agree to use these pillars in all their work with The Students Commission, and we work to make them real and visible on a daily basis.

Purpose of this Role

The SCC is looking for a Data Coordinator to support the security, integrity, and tracking of the data we collect through our Sharing the Stories platform. As a research and evaluation platform, Sharing the Stories collects participant data through surveys, focus groups and arts-based methods. Some data are collected through our online platform and some through the use of paper surveys, art, audio and video. The Data Coordinator will be responsible for tracking the intake of data, supporting data entry, coordinating the filing and storage of digital & physical data, and supporting the security and integrity of our data management processes and systems. The Data Coordinator will work closely with the StS team, and report to the Date Integrity Team Lead.

The SCC is a committed team—each team member is expected to participate in other projects and tasks as required for the success of the organization and the betterment of young people’s lives.

Key Responsibilities

As the Data Coordinator you will be responsible for:

1. Supporting the tracking, inputting and exporting of data from our online database. This includes setting up organizational profiles and tools, entering demographic information from participant files, searching and assigning unique ID codes to participant files, tracking the cycle for data processing, exporting data for research analysist, and ensuring quality control of data entry.

2. Managing the security and integrity of our physical data storage methods. This includes overseeing the intake process for paper surveys, tracking and filing organizations’ data packages as they move through the StS process steps, and managing our filing systems in accordance with our organizational security policies and our research ethics.

3. Supporting the Database Administrator with “backend” database processes and systems. This includes managing requests for data, supporting the administration of organization profiles, and addressing challenges as they arise.

4. Helping to create and enforce policies and procedures for effective data handling with attention to all physical and technical aspects.

5. Support team members in the daily use of data systems and ensure adherence to our ethics and organizational standards.

6. Engaging with the StS team, CEYE and other SCC colleagues, as well as external stakeholders, to share your learnings, which may include facilitating at events/meetings

As a SCC Team Member you may be responsible for:

1. Supporting or co-leading the development of systems/processes as required by a growing organization

2. Supporting organization-wide events and programs, including our annual conference and other related projects and events

3. Supporting colleagues and their learning, based on your skills and expertise and as needed

4. Participating in the general maintenance and upkeep of the SCC offices

Key Competencies

The SCC is an equal opportunity employer, and we encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply. Ideally, the candidate will have the following skills and experiences.

1. Proven experience as a data coordinator/manager is a plus.

2. Excellent understanding of data administration and management functions (data collection, data entry, analysis, storage, tracking, ethics, security…).

3. Experience working with databases, spreadsheets, and information systems technology.

4. Tech-savvy - comfortable learning, navigating and troubleshooting new technology.

5. Administrative experience: tracking, filing, and coordination internal processes.

6. A keen attention to detail and an understanding of how it fits into the big picture.

7. Self-driven and organized, but excited about being a part of a team and motivated by team success

8. Excellent communication, collaboration and problem solving skills. Looking for someone who believes that Respect, Listening, Understanding and Communication (our 4 Pillars) are inherently valuable to doing meaningful and lasting work

9. Proficient in MS Office (Excel, Access, Word etc.)

10. Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office products with advanced skills working with Excel and other databases.

11. Experience with survey methods and implementation including analysis.

12. Ability to work both independently and partner with a dynamic team of individuals in a collaborative environment.

13. Familiarity with CRM systems and practices.

14. Familiarity with querying MySQL databases (nice to have).

15. Adaptable, with a great sense of humour. We want someone focused and driven, but also able to take the hiccups and challenges of a dynamic workplace in stride.

The SCC uses as one method to increase Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the hiring process, please use this link to complete the Discovery Survey related to this position after applying through Collage HR to complete your application:

We invite applications for this position from across Canada. We welcome all applicants for this position regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, ability, age, marital status, pregnancy or family commitments. We are committed to providing an inclusive and barrier-free virtual job experience, starting with the job application process. If accommodations are needed during the job selection process, please let us know. All information received will be kept confidential.