#CanadaWeWant Youth Movement Facilitator Roster (Volunteer ages 12-25)

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Join the #CanadaWeWant Youth Movement

Are you a young person aged 12 - 25? Do you feel passionately about an issue, and are you looking for a way to get involved and make a lasting impact?

We're looking for young people to lead our #CanadaWeWant Youth Movement. Our vision is for each youth to become firmly rooted in the Students Commission of Canada (SCC) culture and to get actively engaged in our processes. To achieve this vision, there are several ways you can get involved:

  • As a Coordinator, to help support us in organizing workshops and engagement sessions in your region;
  • As a Research Assistant, supporting with data collection during events and workshops;
  • As a Facilitator, facilitating workshops and providing input into the development of our program curricula;
  • Participating in one-time events/consultations, such as providing input on a grant proposal/idea or reviewing knowledge mobilisation products/key messages;
  • Identifying a specific project you would like to be closely connected to and get involved more directly in a "hands-on" role to execute the project deliverables;
  • Supporting & delivering the #CanadaWeWant summits and conferences; and
  • Participating in Sharing the Stories research to track the impact of your experience..

To learn more about the roles, click here.

Please note: A Resume is not required to apply! Please upload a blank word document to bypass this in the system. :)

About the Projects

There are a number of exciting projects that you can get involved with as a member of the roster!

  1. Be the Program - You will learn about and help to develop a curriculum for healthy relationships, and prevention of dating violence. You will have the opportunity to develop & co-facilitate trainings, support data collection & evaluation for research activities, and design knowledge mobilisation products.
  2. Safer Spaces Model - You will learn about Social Identify Formation (SIF) and mental health, and help to develop a curriculum for Safer Spaces training. You will have the opportunity co-facilitate trainings with an adult ally.
  3. CEYE Youth Advisory - The Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement (CEYE) will have you working alongside our academic partners at Bishops and Brock Universities to support long-term, ongoing research projects with the SCC. You'll help provide input into some of the studies we are participating in, and identify further areas for research.
  4. Nobody's Born A Racist 2.0 (NBR 2.0) - You will identify & develop anti-racist practices that align with the SCC's four pillars, influencing your peers and local community. You will have the opportunity to support & deliver anti-racism training.
  5. Technical - You will have the opportunity to support with coding our platforms (website & backend database), ensuring our platforms stay current & relevant for youth audiences.
  6. NYLT - As a member of the National Youth Leadership Team, you will learn and provide input on various topics related to tobacco use. The NYLT will also deliver peer-to-peer interventions and workshops across the country to provide evidence and spread awareness on substance usage to Canadian youth.

There may be other projects that you can get involved with. To learn more about the projects click here!

Time Committment

The Facilitator Roster meets together as a group monthly on the third Tuesday of every month from 6:30pm - 8:30pm ET (Eastern Standard Time). If you are connected with a project, you will also be expected to meet with your project team regularly in between meetings.

About Us

The Students Commission of Canada (SCC) is a charitable organization that purposefully works with others to ensure that young people are valued, heard and their ideas for improving themselves, the lives of their peers and communities are put into action. We are the lead organization for the Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement (CEYE) which is a network of youth, organizations, and academics focused on generating evidence and best practices on youth engagement programs, initiatives, and interventions. CEYE has developed a youth engagement definition for the Canadian context as well as a comprehensive youth engagement framework. The SCC is grounded in our four pillars: Respect, Listen, Understand, Communicate™.

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