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The Spark

At Sparkgeo, we aren't just another geospatial consultancy; we're the architects of a changing future. Powered by our talented and creative people, we're pioneering the next era of geospatial innovation. Supported by passion and grounded in agility, responsibility, and collaboration, we believe that geospatial isn't just a tool—it's a revolution that's reshaping industries. By blending the vast horizons of geospatial technology with acute product focus, we're helping businesses dodge the common pitfalls and truly harness the transformative capacity of geospatial solutions. In a world where geospatial is changing everything, Sparkgeo stands as a beacon of expertise, innovation, and dedicated partnership.

Originating in Prince George, British Columbia, Sparkgeo operates as a remote-first team, with our people located across Canada and the UK. We believe in creating spaces for our people to flourish within their work at Sparkgeo, so they can also flourish outside of work within their chosen communities.

The Job

The Senior Integrated Project and Account Manager (IPAM) is a comprehensive role that interweaves the operational, tactical, and interpersonal skills of project management, account management, and product analysis. As a Senior IPAM, you'll hold diverse responsibilities spanning across the various facets of project execution, client relationship management, and task assignment within the project lifecycle.

Your role will encompass project initiation, integration, scope, schedule, cost, and quality management, with a crucial focus on establishing the alignment of project goals with operational objectives. You'll also manage risk and procurement processes to ascertain successful project completion within the specified timeframe and budget.

Beyond project management, you'll take an active part in managing client accounts. This will necessitate building long-lasting relationships, strategizing for account growth, monitoring client satisfaction, coordinating service delivery, managing contracts and renewals, and handling client expectations and education.

Furthermore, you will be integrated into the project team overseeing the creation, definition, and assignment of tasks based on project requirements and user stories, manage project backlog and be an integral part of validating the solutions delivered.

In this role, your command over both the technical and business aspects of projects, as well as strong communication, analytical, and project management skills, will be key to delivering value to stakeholders, driving the success of our projects, and further cementing Sparkgeo's reputation for excellence in the geospatial industry.

The Team

Comprising three dedicated IPAMs, the Project Management division adeptly bridges various sectors of the organization – from business development and administration to accounts receivable and the developer ensemble. The team is poised to tackle challenges of any magnitude, enjoying meaningful collaborations with renowned companies and a track record of consistently delivering world-class capabilities. Guiding the PM division is Anthony Mayne, VP of Operations. His advocacy for autonomy and self-initiative empower the IPAMs to uniquely thrive in each project, offering a unique approach to work-life harmony.

The Work

Project Management

  • Oversee the development and execution of comprehensive project charters, scope statements, and plans, including the management, monitoring, and control of project changes
  • Define, plan, and manage project scope and project teams
  • Define, sequence, and control project schedules, such as overseeing resource and duration estimation, verifying project hours and billing, and coordinating vacation 
  • Oversee cost estimation, budgeting, and cost control processes
  • Spearhead quality assurance for project deliverables, drive quality planning, and implement effective control mechanisms
  • Design and implement robust communication plans to regularly share information across stakeholders
  • Identify, monitor, and control risk through risk and response planning
  • Lead and execute procurement, acquisition and contracting activities
  • Manage internal and external stakeholder relationships and expectations
  • Identify key external stakeholders, including project team members and key influencers

Account Management

  • Manage internal and external stakeholder relationships, communication, and expectations to ensure alignment and effective cross-functional collaboration 
  • Monitor and improve client satisfaction levels
  • Anticipate, mediate, and resolve conflicts and crises, while balancing stakeholder expectations and operational realities
  • Manage end-to-end service delivery, from initial planning and design to ongoing support and improvement
  • Lead and facilitate contract negotiation and renewal process
  • Educate clients on product usage through training sessions and resources
  • Develop, execute, and monitor long-term growth and retention strategies and targets for each account

Project Life Cycle

  • Collaborate with the business development team on sales opportunities; drive the creation of compelling Requests for Proposals, Statements of Work (SOW) and provide strategic insights on project feasibility
  • Create detailed project documentation in collaboration with the project team 
  • Lead dialogues with stakeholders to define project requirements
  • Translate requirements into user stories that guide the development team
  • Create tickets in the project management tool
  • Distribute workload and assign tasks among team members 
  • Capture product backlog as a method for proposing new or ongoing projects for client
  • Validate solutions to verify deliverables meet the documented requirements

Company and Department Level

  • Prepare comprehensive reports for senior management, clearly presenting project progress, account status, and potential risks or issues
  • Identify opportunities to improve the current processes and collaborate with the relevant stakeholders for effective change management
  • Participate in change management, effectively communicating changes and managing the impact on stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition
  • Identify and communicate company resource and skill gaps to fulfill business needs or opportunities
  • Actively contribute innovative solutions and novel approaches that increase competitiveness in the market
  • Coach and/or challenge functional colleagues to support career growth

The Qualifications



  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field 
  • Advanced degree or certification in project management or business administration 

Experience & Knowledge


  • Successful delivery of at least two complex projects as a Project Manager or in a comparable position, from initiation to closure
  • A minimum of four (4) years of experience working closely with technical teams
  • Experience in managing client accounts, nurturing relationships, and growing account revenue
  • A consistent track record of client retention and growth
  • Proven experience leading diverse teams and effectively managing resources
  • Experience working alongside various internal teams including business development, operations, finance, and marketing
  • Active involvement in business development activities, including drafting proposals, identifying potential clients, and winning new business


  • Broad understanding of client industries and a strong understanding of geospatial technology, including trends, challenges, and opportunities
  • A strong understanding of project management and software development processes, methodologies, and tools and technologies
  • Sound knowledge of project budgeting, financial planning, and cost management
  • Comprehensive understanding of risk management processes and strategies
  • Knowledge of process improvement techniques, change management strategies, and client / prospect management and retention best practices
  • Familiarity with sales and marketing processes and strategies

Skills & Attributes


  • Approach high-pressure situations calmly
  • Demonstrate accountability by taking responsibility for the success of projects, admitting mistakes, and implementing corrective actions to ensure quality work
  • Strive for quality and continuous improvement in their own performance
  • Exemplify the standards and behaviours expected of team members
  • Face challenges with a positive attitude and a determination to overcome setbacks
  • Responsive and adaptive to changes
  • Keenly aware of own and others’ motivational and emotional triggers
  • A strong commitment to understanding and meeting client needs, while balancing the demands of the team
  • Value and welcome different perspectives and open-communication


  • Mastery of various project management methodologies (e.g. Agile, Scrum, Waterfall)
  • Exceptional project planning, delivery, and organizational skills
  • Effective and adaptive verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and succinctly
  • Strong decision-making and operational planning skills at the managerial level
  • Collaborative problem-solving and conflict resolution skills, both technical and interpersonal
  • Effectively manages time and resources 
  • Ability to liaise with various stakeholders, fostering a collaborative environment
  • Ability to anticipate and manage people and project risks, problems, or opportunities 
  • Proficient in negotiating and persuading stakeholders towards beneficial decisions 
  • Ability to translate trends into valuable client solutions and project outcomes
  • Proficient in CRM and project management software, data analysis tools, and other project or industry specific technical tools
  • Attention to detail

What is not required for this role

  • A degree
  • Every skillset

Some other details


  • $125,000 - $135,000 per annum base salary

Work-Life Supports

  • Work remotely and flexible scheduling
  • Vision, dental, EFAP, and extended health benefits for you and your dependents
  • Generous PTO, including starting 4 weeks of vacation per year and increasing at 3rd anniversary
  • Unlimited Udemy courses for continuous growth and learning
  • Matching RRSP as you build your future
  • Yearly office expense allowance so your set-up works for you
  • In-person company meet-up (to settle the score on who really is the tallest)

More about Sparkgeo

Visit our Jobs page to learn more about who we are, and how we work.

Who and how we hire

We encourage all people, from all backgrounds and experiences to apply. You do not need to check every single one of these boxes. We hire anyone who is curious, willing to learn, and likes to work remotely and autonomously with a dispersed team.

Sparkgeo provides support in its recruitment processes to applicants with disabilities; including accommodation that takes into account an applicant’s accessibility needs. Should you need assistance, please contact People & Culture at Applicants selected for an interview who require accommodation during the interview process are asked to advise accordingly upon the invitation for interview.