Project Coordinator (S/W & AI)

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We are looking for a motivated, organized and goal-oriented Project Coordinator responsible for managing the development and delivery of the Company’s AI and software products. You will coordinate efforts across a small but strong team of talented individuals, working closely with Developers, UI/UX designers, Data Scientist and Sales Teams. In this role you will need to understand both user and business priorities, communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders, organize sprints, track bugs, track daily progress for product related tasks, ensure product quality/stability, deliver tested builds to account managers, and ensure that all team members have an accurate understanding of product development timeline and deliverables. This position will be based in Fredericton, NB, Buffalo, NY or St. Catharines, ON

Primary Goals:

  • Responsible for creating short term and long term project activities, milestones, and detailed deliverable requirements to support AI and S/W projects;
  • Responsible for determining capacity, staffing and productivity rates to deliver milestones on time;
  • Responsible for proactively identifying and addressing risks to delivery timeline;
  • Responsible for developing a deep understanding of user, business, and product needs to optimize operations and deliver customer value;
  • Responsible for recommending IT strategies, policies, and procedures by evaluating production and organization outcomes, identifying exact problems, defining solutions, and executing necessary changes
  • Responsible for monitoring performance metrics against development speed and quality
  • Responsible for supporting Quality Assurance function as and when required


  • Degree in engineering related field or equivalent experience;
  • Minimum 4 years involved in any component of product development with a minimum of 2 years product management and delivery experience in AI and S/W
  • Stellar communication skills - ability to listen to and understand team’s needs and pain points, ability to facilitate meetings between engineers and designers, accurate and timely reporting to stakeholders, ability to summarize complex situations while also being able to explain accurate details when necessary to a diverse cast of team members
  • Strong analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills
  • Strong self management, project management, and organization skills with the ability to prioritize various tasks and development schedules in a demanding environment with tight deadlines

About SomaDetect:

SomaDetect is the world’s premier machine-learning and artificial-intelligence company in dairy. SomaDetect works with farmers to provide them with the information they need to produce the best possible milk. We are a dynamic start-up company founded in Fredericton, NB, with offices in Ontario and Buffalo, NY. Our core product is an in-line sensor that measures critical indicators of dairy quality (fat, protein, somatic cell counts, progesterone, and antibiotics) from every cow at every milking. It uses no consumables (no chemicals, no cartridges, no lost milk), is extremely quick (i.e. seconds), and accurate. We use an IoT sensor technology with computer vision and machine learning techniques to maximize the information obtained from each drop of milk. This helps dairy farmers to close the information gap, reduce the spread of disease, manage milk quality, and optimize their farming activities. SomaDetect means better data for farmers, better milk for consumers and better lives for cows.