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We are looking for a motivated and innovative thinker with excellent technological skills for a position as Dev Ops Engineer. We are seeking an individual who has a passion for new technology and new developments in the world of Internet of Things (IoT) This individual will responsible for IoT technology and solutions at SomaDetect, ensuring overall connectivity and data transfers. The Internet-of-Things Dev Ops is a high impact and meaningful role responsible for optimizing IoT solutions and integration.This position will be based in Fredericton, NB, Buffalo, NY or St. Catharines, ON

Primary Goals:

  • Responsible for overall connectivity from farm to cloud to ensure proper connectivity and orchestration
  • Responsible for optimizing data transfers of IoT technologies
  • Responsible for implementing and working with version control for software
  • Responsible for building and maintaining IoT landscape through design and implementation
  • Responsible for continuing to maintain technical and business knowledge of IoT applications to keep up with technology trends


  • At least two to three year of professional experience with AWS for IoT applications
  • At least two to three year of experience working with distributed systems such as Elasticsearch, logstash, Kibana, Apache Kafka, or Apache Spark, Jira and confluence
  • At least two to three devOps Infrastructure as code (Ancible, Chef, Puppet, etc.)
  • Experience with scaling production environment from 10s to 100s of servers
  • Knowledge of with frontend JavaScript frameworks like Vue or React would be an asset
  • At least two to three year of experience building CI/CD pipelines
  • Good understanding of networking and security
  • You have scaled a data application from hundreds to thousands of connected users/ devices
  • You possess an educational degree in a related field
  • You have hands-on technical skills working with IoT hardware technologies and cloud-based products.
  • Experience managing large amounts of connections, along with building IoT communication systems and platforms
  • Passion for technology and technology trends, and you are motivated and eager to learn more.
  • You have exceptional critical-thinking and analytical skills.
  • You have strong communication and documentation skills with the ability to communicate complex concepts to a broad range of individuals.

About SomaDetect:

SomaDetect is the world’s premier machine-learning and artificial-intelligence company in dairy. SomaDetect works with farmers to provide them with the information they need to produce the best possible milk. We are a dynamic start-up company founded in Fredericton, NB, with offices in Ontario and Buffalo, NY. Our core product is an in-line sensor that measures critical indicators of dairy quality (fat, protein, somatic cell counts, progesterone, and antibiotics) from every cow at every milking. It uses no consumables (no chemicals, no cartridges, no lost milk), is extremely quick (i.e. seconds), and accurate. We use an IoT sensor technology with computer vision and machine learning techniques to maximize the information obtained from each drop of milk. This helps dairy farmers to close the information gap, reduce the spread of disease, manage milk quality, and optimize their farming activities. SomaDetect means better data for farmers, better milk for consumers and better lives for cows.