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We are looking for an Embedded Software Engineer to execute complete embedded software development for our dairy sensor products. This position will be responsible for the development of the design architecture and programming of our software solutions and firmware for our IoT devices. We are looking for a curious and tech-savvy software engineer who is passionate about connected devices and is ready to work for a dynamic startup. This position will be based in Fredericton, NB, Buffalo, NY or St. Catharines, ON

Primary Goals:

  • Responsible for designing and implementing software of embedded devices and systems for our sensor system or other IoT devices for dairy farms.
  • Responsible for working with hardware and product development team to develop new product designs and lead the development of software solutions for deployment.
  • Responsible for designing and implementing software solution for our cloud platform and data processing infrastructure.


  • You have proven working experience in software engineering with a minimum of 2 year of developing software applications. A bachelor’s degree in engineering or higher is preferred.
  • You have hands-on experience in the development and troubleshooting of embedded systems especially with IoT or connected devices.
  • You have programming experience in Python with knowledge of Open CV Libraries. C or C++ would be an asset.
  • You have some experience working in Agile environments and like work in Scrums and Blitz sessions.
  • You have excellent knowledge of OS coding techniques, IP protocols, interfaces and hardware subsystems.
  • You have experience developing for Linux-based deployment platforms (Ubuntu preferred).
  • You have adequate knowledge of reading schematics and data sheets for components.
  • You have strong documentation and writing skill.

About SomaDetect:

SomaDetect is the world’s premier machine-learning and artificial-intelligence company in dairy. SomaDetect works with farmers to provide them with the information they need to produce the best possible milk. We are a dynamic start-up company founded in Fredericton, NB. Our core product is an in-line sensor that measures every critical indicator of dairy quality (fat, protein, somatic cell counts, progesterone, and antibiotics, among others) from every cow at every milking. It uses no consumables (no chemicals, no cartridges, no lost milk), provides these measures quickly (i.e., minutes, not days), and is very accurate. We use IoT sensor technologies combined with computer vision and machine learning techniques, to maximize the information obtained from each drop of milk. This helps dairy farmers to close the information gap, reduce the spread of disease, manage milk quality, and optimize their farming activities. SomaDetect means better data for farmers, better milk for consumers, and better lives for cows.

Applications should include relevant work samples that display creativity and problem solving.