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This is a standing position. Hiring is subject to personnel requirements.

Location: Remote (Asia-Pacific timezones preferred)

Position: Full-time employee


We're on a mission to make certain that the conversational AI revolution benefits everyone. Machines are increasingly awesome at understanding English. But what about the 5+ billion people who need to communicate in their native language?

Sinitic automates multilingual customer support with a vertically-integrated product suite and proprietary NLP engine for Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai and other languages. Our core tech includes IP for mixed-language understanding and semi-supervised chat history structuring (we really love NLP). We're a fast growing SaaS business with great call center clients from the iGaming and RegTech industries.


Build it fast with usage: We deliver functional product to clients and iterate with real-time data. With this approach, we move fast and innovate cutting-edge NLP tech.

Target 1-2 opportunities: We target a max of 1-2 opportunties or problems at a time. With this mindset, we scale our business and product as efficinetly as possible.

Stay hyper-global: We're a team with Taiwanese and Ukrainian devs building Canadian software powered by Vietnamese NLP for Swedish clients based in the Philippines. With this global method, we thrive together.


The backbone of Sinitic consists of several python (micro) services communicating through a message queue server. Our clients have call centers with 24/7 operations, therefore testing and high-availability are critical to us. We are currently hosted on a multi-region GCP infrastructure and rely heavily on Kubernetes and Google Cloud SQL (Postgres) to achieve high levels of stability and performance.

The heart of Sinitic is driven by our passion to ensure that the conversational AI revolution benefits everyone from all corners of the Earth. To do this, we're building automation products that go after every mundane task in the customer support domain: livechat, ticketing, chatbot training, upselling, scheduling, and more.


As a remote-first company, our top priority is to implement new ways of enabling your maximum productivity, happiness, and contributions to the team. To accomplish this, we receive incredible support from the Creative Destruction Lab, Next Canada, Ontario Centers of Excellence, Startup Chile, and the National Research Council of Canada. We're building a team of ambitious, global-minded, can-do winners who want to absolutley succeed over the next years. Together, we're doing the finest work of our lives.

ABOUT YOU πŸ§•πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸΏ

Experience: 3+ years as a javascript developer.

Thoughtful: Contribute to the company's technical product development & roadmap.

Pro Communicator: Contribute to execution of client implementations with excellent communication with other company departments.

Super Support: Oversee and participate in the on-call rotation with minimum Initial Response Time of 1 hour.

Cool Cookie: This is a startup. We plan ahead but must be nimble and fast to adapt. If we asked your friends, they would say you're the calmest person they know in tough situations.


  • Sound knowledge of Webpack and Vue2
  • Excellent knowledge of SVG
  • Experience in D3 is a plus
  • Excellent knowledge of ES6 or more recent, knowledge of TypeScipt is a plus
  • Able to troubleshoot performance problems and memory leaks using Chrome/Firefox's developer tools
  • Fluent in 2+ languages (Chinese and English preferred)


  • Unlimited vacation (you must take at least 20 days)
  • $2K equipment setup (your choice... we welcome you to come to the bright side and use a Mac)
  • Paid parental & pet grievance leave
  • Full medical, dental, and vision insurance*

*Exclusive to Canada and Taiwan only at this time. We'll do our best to support international team members.

Sinitic is committed to equality of opportunity for all team members. All qualified candidates are encourage to apply irrespective of age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship or migrant status, pregnancyΒ or maternity, race or religion. We value diversity in our lives and business.