Practicum Student September 2023- April 2024 (Volunteer Position)

CLIENT SERVICESFull TimeAll Seva Food Bank Locations

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General Qualification: The Client Support Worker should have the ability to work in a positive and professional manner with clients, colleagues, and supervisory staff. They should also have the ability to put the needs of the client(s) first during work hours. Lastly, student should have good interviewing skills that can put clients at ease, obtain key personal information, and recognize potentially urgent situations should perform the Intake process.

Primary Responsibilities


· Provide ongoing support and case management to all Seva Food Bank clients. Client support services include 1-on-1 meetings with clients for the purposes of identifying client needs, providing on-going support and appropriate referrals.

· Educate clients on Best Before Dates using the Ontario Food Banks Guidelines chart.


· Book client appointments through Calendly and answer phone calls.

· Prepare reception area prior to shifts.


· Enter all new clients in Link2Feed, and then put files away in the proper place.

· Update client profiles each time the client visits.


· Make recommendations to the Supervisor on any client related programming.

· Assisting in the Programing workshops, set up, information dissemination, food demo’s etc.

· Promote and/or sign up clients for any Seva related events.

· Help with client Evaluations, Surveys, Needs Assessments, and Focus Groups.


· Support clients during their visit for their grocery needs

· Stock food items and assist with receiving deliveries.


· Attend meetings with supervisor.

· Dress code: business-casual.