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JOB ID: Securicy-FWD-001

We are currently searching for Software Developers in Senior and Junior levels to join our rapidly growing team. This is an opportunity to join an experienced team that is focused on delivering the first version of a new entry in the Information Security Market. If you’ve got the chops and want to make your mark on a startup then this role may be a great fit for you.


  • Minimum 5 years of professional software development experience
  • Experience leading a large development project from concept to production
  • Ability to work remotely as well as in-office at our headquarters in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


  • We like automated testing and encourage TDD whenever possible
  • We like kanban-style continuous releases
  • We like code reviews and refactoring
  • We like static analysis tools and automated code quality checks
  • We spend the time to write our code correctly and defensively
  • We have regular lunch and learn sessions to discuss development techniques and principles
  • We have regular development retrospectives to discuss our processes and principles and strive for continuous improvement and refinement


  • Ruby on Rails 6.0
  • Ruby 2.6
  • RSpec 3.9
  • PostgreSQL 11
  • AWS, including EC2, RDS, S3, ELB, etc.
  • Redis 3.2
  • Bootstrap
  • ES6 via Webpack
  • Stimulus 1.0
  • Sass
  • Haml



At Securicy you will find an open and supportive environment that values and respects different perspectives and experiences. People with a desire to help other people and deliver results thrive in our organization.

This role offers a comprehensive compensation package that includes a competitive salary, health and dental benefits, vacation, and sick days.

We also believe in a proper work-life balance. We try very hard to put processes into place to help ensure our developers aren’t on call 24-7 and aren’t working on weekends or pulling insane amounts of overtime. We have only rarely had to ask for developers to do some overtime during a crunch or pull out the stops on weekends, and very rarely do we ever need to respond to late-night emergencies.


High-growth companies use Securicy to implement information security practices that win business!

It is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to function in today’s technological world without having proper plans for data security. Enterprise organizations lead this charge, as they will not work with vendors who can’t prove their data to be secure. Startups and SMEs are losing major deals to inaccurate or insufficient answers to confusing security questionnaires. Plus the cyber-attack and data breach risks they leave themselves vulnerable to.

Our web-based software enables organizations to efficiently implement, maintain and demonstrate a strong information security program. Securicy's software has navigated companies through the complex security requirements of major players like Microsoft, Netflix, National Bank, Target and more.