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Are you an awesome agile e-Commerce tester with proficiency in English?

Do you know your way around WordPress, and love solving problems? Does working with a fun globalized team sound awesome to you? If you've wanted the freedom to work from wherever you want, you have a home at Saucal. We work on some of the largest WooCommerce stores on the internet from all around the globe.

We're looking to fill a full-time position for a Quality Assurance Tester. You're in charge of ensuring quality of the developed systems.

Years Experience: 3+

Location: Remote


  • Get things done with minimum friction
  • Super proactive
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to quickly resolve unexpected challenges, and collaborate with developers and product owner
  • Willingness to co-operate with developers and other members of the agile team on finalizing each increment with minimum friction – willingness to learn and help with activities other than testing
  • Being part of solution, not part of the problem
  • Balance amount of testing with actual and expected system reliability


  • Experience with different testing concepts and understanding of their pros and cons.
  • Experience with testing in agile, understanding of challenges for testing in agile and ways to work with them
  • Creation of black-box tests
  • Understanding of WooCommerce, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, JS, HTML , CSS & Selenium so you can design the tests for code written in these tools and discuss the bugs and solutions with developers
  • Understanding of dynamics between developers and testers
  • Responding to customer requests during implementation and/or when bugs arise
  • Experience with continuous integration (Jenkins or similar), Git and automated testing
  • Experience with web project development


  • Prepare tests for ensuring quality of the development, both manual and automated testing
  • Perform the tests/Ensure the tests are run/performed
  • Ensure proper documentation of the tests and their results
  • Clearly describe bugs found, so developers can quickly fix them
  • Support product owners/clients in describing testing requirements, UAT design and UAT performance.
  • Help with documenting the systems and/or documenting of user requirements
  • Keep eye on recent development in agile testing of the used systems and apply locally as appropriate
  • Estimate the necessary testing effort based on user requirements

You must be proficient in WordPress capabilities. It's important that you have experience with testing of JS, HTML & CSS. Knowledge of preprocessing tools like SASS, LESS, Gulp, React, npm, xDebug, Docker, or similar is not exclusive, but definitely a plus. We use these very often during our workflow, so if you don't know them yet, you should consider learning them soon.

Time spent working would be around 4-8 hours per day. We're focused on Eastern Standard Time (EST) from 9am-5pm. You can work in other parts of the world and during times you wish. However, you will need excellent time management skills, as the team meets once per day to discuss deliverables, and are available from certain time periods for customer collaboration. This means you must be present, and regularly check-in to provide us with your status. Over-communication will be key to your success. People that have great habits in place for time tracking, organization, and self-management are an ideal fit for us.

If you're reliable, consistent and trust worthy, please apply. Any applicants who pad their resume will quickly be discovered and discarded. Our learning curve can be steep.

All applications must BYOD - bring your own device.