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Who We Are

RightMetric provides B2C digital marketing teams with actionable insight into their competitors and customers using internet data. By informing their strategies with data, we help our clients outmaneuver their competitors and gain market share.

What We’re Looking For

This is an open application with no specific associated job role. Putting it plainly, we're always looking for A Players with Digital and / or Market Research experience who are looking to work alongside a very smart and driven team that truly gives a damn about what they're working on.

Intrigued? Read on!

What We Value

  1. Trust: We treat everyone like adults and don’t look over people's’ shoulders
  2. Radical Candour: We tell the unvarnished truth in a constructive way
  3. Getting Shit Done:
  4. Quality: We deliver world-class work every time. Nothing less
  5. Being Considerate of Others: No assholes allowed
  6. Continuous Learning: We’re always learning and improving ourselves

How We Work

  1. A Mindset: Of thinking, sleeping, breathing, playing, and living in the digital space
  2. An Approach:  That’s calm, cool, and collected as we sprint to GSD
  3. Attention to Detail: In everything we do. Period
  4. Work Ethic: That’s organized, in every sense of how we operate and communicate
  5. Strong Beliefs, Loosely Held: Courage to have opinions & humility to change them
  6. Independence: We operate lean and GSD in the simplest way possible

Soft Skills You Bring to the Table

  • Experience: Working at a startup, agency, or agile organization
  • Curiosity: Likely described as a geek or nerd at some point, and proud of it
  • Logic: You break down problems into chunks then re-assemble them into solutions
  • Systems Organization: Your execution is consistently solid because you build systems
  • Leadership Skills: You’re comfortable being part of a team and leading one
  • Servant Mindset: Leadership = obsession with providing service to clients & your team
  • Flexible Perspective: You see problems from the 30,000-foot + the 3-foot prespective
  • Detail Orientation: You like notes, lists, and noticed the typo in the last bullet point
  • Communication Skills: You are clear & straightforward; both when writing & speaking
  • Presentation Skills: You can powerfully articulate a business case to senior leadership
  • Deep Understanding: Of the intersection of business strategy and digital strategy
  • Continuous Improvement: You believe that good enough is never good enough
  • Interneting: You survive on a diet of spicy GIFs and Techmeme headlines
  • X-Factor: You’re the person that everyone comes to with their problems

Hard Skills You Bring to the Table

*Any Combination of the elements below*

  • PPC / SEM: You're an expert at KW research, campaign testing, and competitive intel
  • Display Advertising: You know your DSPs from your SSPs and everything in between
  • SEO: You understand technical on-page, audit, and can execute off-page strategies
  • Content Marketing: You understand how on-site content plays with SEO to drive major organic traffic
  • Email Marketing: You live and breath segmentation, lead nurturing, split testing, & LTV
  • Social Media Marketing: You see past the pretty pictures & understand how to drive biz value with SMM
  • Digital Strategy: You see the big picture & understand how a firm can leverage digital to drive objectives
  • Data Visualization: Everything you create can be understood by a 12th grader in under 5 seconds
  • Market Research: You build simple research plans, understand stat. signficance, & answer questions

Why You Want to Work With Us

  • Work That Matters: Inform business leaders on decisions worth giving a damn about
  • Competitive Living Wages: You'll be able to live comfortably in Vancouver
  • Remote Friendly: Work from home, the office, a coffee shop, or beyond
  • Flexible Hours: Work when it works for you. We aren’t looking over your shoulder
  • A Culture that values authenticity, trust, curiosity, and diversity of thought
  • Excellent Benefits: From dental to vision to massage. We have you covered
  • Unlimited Paid Vacation & Sick Days: Take time when you need it
  • Profit Sharing (coming soon!)
  • Apple Equipment: Dat new new
  • Sit / Stand Desks: Don’t get too excited, they’re the hand crank ones

Video Cover Letter

We believe that a video cover letter provides candidates with the opportunity to showcase their communication skills and personality! Please submit a 10 minute video cover letter via Loom answering the following questions:

  1. Why are you interested in this position?
  2. What do you know about our company?
  3. What is your ideal working environment?
  4. What are your strengths?
  5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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