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Hey there! We’re Relish, a group of innovators that improve how people live, learn, work, and play. Check out some of our recent projects here:

We’re looking for an Animation Director to help us make stuff that matters through innovation, collaboration, and impact. At Relish, quality doesn’t just mean it works; it means it’s beautiful, respectful, accessible, fast, functional, intuitive, and consistent.

Who are you?

You’re the type of person that craves multitasking and dabbling with a variety of exciting tasks rather than pigeonholing yourself in a single, strictly defined role. An experienced Animation Director or Senior Animator, you’ve got at least 2-3 years of experience on a full-cycle 2D or 3D production (game or episodic). You’re a thinker, a doer, a dreamer, and a maker:

  • You have a knack for interpreting story through subtle facial expressions and body language in a clear, concise, and emotive way.
  • You have a strong sense of framing and composition, as well as a keen eye for strong silhouettes and poses.
  • You’ve got a solid grasp of weighting and timing, and know how to provide useful character direction notes that bring out the emotions.
  • You’re ready to jump in as a senior animator when required to fix more complex scenes.
  • You’re excited to mentor and coach junior animators on poses and cut scenes.

Wait, what? That’s me! Tell me more. What would my day look like?

As an Animation Director, you’ll be mainly responsible for overseeing the day-to-day of Layout and Animation. Working with a small team, you’ll be mainly responsible for:

  • Working with the Director to create compelling and emotive compositions in the initial Layout pass.
  • Providing direction to Junior Animators on poses and cut scenes.
  • Collaborating with the Director and Storyboard artist on storyboards.
  • Collaborating with Art Director to refine story elements and world building.
  • Collaborating with the Dev-Team to find creative solutions to storytelling problems through game-animation and FX.
  • We’re a small and intensely collaborative team, so every voice in the lead-team is welcome to weigh in on things like story, process, gameplay, music… whatever!

Yeah, I want in! How do we get started?

We thought you would. We need to see or read some evidence of your production experience, how you’ve made an impact on other teams, and understand where you’re located (or if you’re willing to relocate to Toronto or Ottawa to be a part of our team). Apply today or send an email out to if you’ve got questions.

Limited time offer! Don’t miss your shot! This opportunity is only available to those eligible to work in Canada. Preference will be given to those willing to relocate to our Toronto or Ottawa-based studios.