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Hey there! We’re Relish, a group of interactive innovators committed to improving how people live, learn, work, and play. We immerse our clients’ customers into digital worlds that thrill, delight, and disrupt. We’re a tight, nimble team that does mighty things. Check out some our recent projects here:

We’re looking for an experienced contract-based Quality Assurance Specialist to help us make stuff that matters through innovation, collaboration, and impact. At Relish, quality doesn’t just mean it works; it means it’s beautiful, respectful, accessible, fast, functional, intuitive, and consistent.

Who are you?

You’ve got fantastic verbal and written communication skills, superior detail-orientation, an eye for effective UX, and a passion for producing high quality experiences that users love. Backed by 7+ years of experience in Quality Assurance, you understand user and client priorities, and can collaborate with our team of developers, designers, devops, and producers. You’ve been around the block enough times that nothing really surprises you anymore, and you know how to find the root causes of complex problems.

  • You can create effective test plans in your sleep.
  • You employ a variety of techniques from analysis, to manual testing, automated testing, performance testing, security testing, accessibility testing, white box, gray box, and black box testing.
  • You’re comfortable with both web (app+game) and mobile (game+app) testing (including stuff that’s tricky to test, such as push notifications, timed or region-locked functionality, or client-generated promotional deeplinks)
  • You’re good at automated testing (preferably in JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, or C#)
  • You’ve got a proven ability to translate complex problems into clear, non-technical terms.
  • You communicate and coordinate with clients, external QA teams, DevOps, and producers to ensure an accurate understanding of the requirements.
  • You have experience setting up or working with device emulators to test reproduction cases in any environment.
  • You’re comfortable connecting to remote environments via VPN and verifying functionality of third-party frameworks and CMSes we use in our products

Wait, what? That’s me! Tell me more. What would my day look like?

Reporting to a Project Producer, you’ll test customer-facing websites, web apps, and web games, as well as iOS and Android apps and games. You’ll create effective test plans, evaluate existing tests, and help foster a culture of quality.

  • You’ll typically be working on more than one project at a time, but we try to minimize context switching by batching project tasks into full days worth of work.
  • You’ll work with other members of the QA team to ensure that our testing infrastructure, culture, and standards are high quality.
  • You’ll create bug tickets with hypotheses as to why the actual outcome may not match the expected outcome.
  • You'll work with DevOps team members to integrate automated testing into the continuous integration process.
  • You'll use continuous monitoring and bug reporting tools to ensure stability in production releases.
  • You’ll suggest and track key performance indicators.
  • You’ll ensure that all new code (features & fixes) comes with new automated tests (from developers), is beautiful, respectful, accessible, fast, functional, intuitive, and consistent, and adheres to the Modern Testing Principles set forth by The Ministry of Testing.
  • You’ll advocate for the processes that result in the best possible end-user experience.
  • You’ll facilitate communication between client and internal/external teams to ensure thorough QA of all aspects of our projects
  • Experience with Postman, Iterable (push notifications), Appium for mobile application testing, and/or Crashlytics are a bonus!

Important to know: Since COVID began we have been working remotely. We will likely reincorporate some in-person office time in a hybrid way in the future, so location IS still important (Toronto or Ottawa), but until then your day will start with staying home and hopping into our Google Workspace to catch up on project chats and then asking your Producer what you should be focused on that day. You’ll be expected to participate in a quick daily standup with your Producer and team, and provide regular status updates.

Yeah, I want in! How do we get started?

We thought you would. We need to see or read some evidence of your Quality Assurance experience, how you’ve made an impact on other teams, and understand where you’re located (or if you’re willing to relocate to Toronto or Ottawa to be a part of our team). Apply today with a 1-2 page PDF resume, or send an email to if you’ve got questions. Please be sure to include detailed descriptions of how you contributed to your previous role(s) in Quality Assurance.

IMPORTANT: Not answering ALL of the questions in the application will result in automatic disqualification from this role.

Limited time offer! Don’t miss your shot! This opportunity is only available to those eligible to work in Canada. Preference will be given to those willing to relocate to our Toronto or Ottawa-based studios.