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Hey there! We’re Relish, a group of interactive innovators committed to improving how people live, learn, work, and play. We immerse our users in digital worlds that thrill, delight, and disrupt. We’re a tight, nimble team that does mighty things. Check out some our recent projects here: https://reli.sh

We’re looking for an experienced Web Game Developer to work with us on a full-time contract basis that could turn into full-time permanent work if we work well together. Help us make stuff that matters.

Who are you?

You’re passionate about your work, its performance, and its quality. With 5+ years of experience, you don’t need much if any hand-holding and can take the reins when necessary. You’re a self-starter, and an effective and clear communicator that’s unafraid to ask great questions, problem-solve, identify solutions, and raise red flags when something is behind

You’re a thinker, a doer, a dreamer, and a maker:

  • You’re a Pixi.js or Phaser expert, and proficient in making 2D games in TypeScript and/or JavaScript.
  • You can jump into any Node.js, vanilla js, html, or css, and make it work. You either know or are keen to pick up Firebase.
  • You know the ins and outs of package management and working with npm or yarn, and can dig in and troubleshoot when "npm install" fails.
  • If necessary, your stack positions you to work on websites and web apps
  • Bonus Points: Three.js, Webpack, CSS Animation, React JS and/or React Native, Vue.js, Capacitor, Electron, Wordpress, Next.js, Shopify customisation, Jenkins, Roblox Studio and Lua, Unity and C#, AR/VR, test driven development / automated testing using Cypress or Playwright.

Wait, what? That’s me! Tell me more. What would my day look like?

You’ll collaborate with creatives to make projects that look great and work well. Since COVID began we have been working remotely. We will likely reincorporate some in-person office time in a hybrid way in the future, so location IS still important, but until then your day will start by hopping into our Google Workspace from wherever you happen to be, and catching up on project chats, then asking your project Producer what you should be focused on that day. You’ll report to a project Producer, collaborate with other devs and creatives, and participate in one-on-one meetings with the Director of Development, who will listen, provide feedback when appropriate, and help you keep growing:

  • You’ll participate in a quick daily (video) standup for the project you’re working on. This acts as a bit of social time for people adapting to remote work and doubles as a quick status check for everyone on the project.
  • You’ll participate in code reviews, game architecture, improving our build pipelines, testing, debugging, and of course coding!
  • You’ll provide your opinions and ideas on game concepts & mechanics, animation implementation, prototyping, asset management.
  • You’ll help write proposals and GDD’s, and do time estimation.
  • You’ll work on our internal game framework, contributing ideas for improvements, and working on feature implementation and bug fixes.
  • You’ll have plenty of time to just focus on coding. We try to be light on meetings and heavy on focus.

Yeah, I want in! How do we get started?

We need to see some evidence of your development experience, how you’ve made an impact on other teams, and understand where you’re located (or if you’re willing to relocate to Ontario to be a part of our team). Please be sure to include either a link to your github/portfolio, or a detailed description of what professional work you’ve done and how you made a difference. Apply today with a 1-2 page PDF resume. Please be sure to include detailed descriptions of how you’ve contributed in your previous development jobs.

Please send an email out to join.us@reli.sh if you’ve got questions.

Limited time offer! Don’t miss your shot! This opportunity is only available to those eligible to work in Canada. Preference will be given to those willing to relocate to our Toronto or Ottawa-based studios.