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Relish Animation – a division of Relish Interactive – is searching for Storyboard Artists to work on a CG web series for Mattel and various other animation projects. The position will be based in San José, Costa Rica (Pura Vida!) where we are growing our animation team.


The Storyboard Artist combines great draftsmanship, attention to detail, flexibility to work on a variety of styles, and a strong understanding of compositional and storytelling skills. Collaborating with our teams on Vancouver Island and Costa Rica, the Storyboard Artist will bring the scripts to life, and prepare the visual storytelling that the animators will follow throughout the series.

Reports to: Storyboard Supervisor


  • Interpret the scripts to represent them visually, conveying all necessary visual information for the layout and animation teams
  • Reproduce and maintain the proportions of the different assets according to the official designs on the project
  • Work closely with the Director, Art Director and Storyboard Supervisor in finding creative solutions to the script needs.
  • Communicate with team members consistently and effectively.
  • Adapt to tools specific to the production.
  • Attend and participate in scheduled team meetings when necessary.


  • At least 2 years-experience on storyboarding for animation or audiovisual production.
  • A strong portfolio containing past professional work that displays a good knowledge of visual storytelling, sequential drawing and draftsmanship.
  • Working knowledge of Toon Boom Storyboard Pro.
  • The ability to work within and meet deadlines.
  • Take feedback well and use it to learn and improve.
  • Enjoy the team spirit associated with other artists to achieve a common creative goal.
  • Experience on prior animated productions is a plus.