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Relish Animation – a division of Relish Interactive – is searching for a CG Rigging Supervisor to work on a CG web series for Mattel and various other animation projects. The position will be based in San José, Costa Rica (Pura Vida!) where we are growing our animation team.


The CG Rigging Supervisor will lead the team of CG Rigging Artists that prepare the assets for the animators to bring them to life in the series, by combining great communication skills, attention to detail, technical knowledge, and a strong understanding of human anatomy and realistic deformation. Collaborating with our teams on Vancouver Island and Costa Rica, the Rigging Supervisor will provide feedback to bring a high level of technical proficiency to the projects.

Reports to: Line Producer


  • Build, test, and maintain clean production rigs for Characters, Props and Environments under the supervision of the Line Producer, while working with Modelers and Animators collaboratively.
  • Execute rigging efficiently by maintaining a fair level of scripting knowledge (Python, Mel) and understanding the rigging pipeline.
  • Attend reviews and department meetings as may be needed.
  • Troubleshoot rigging issues for animation as may be required.
  • Evaluate the team, identifying strengths, problem areas, and developing plans for improving performance and mentoring talent.
  • Communicate with team members consistently and effectively.
  • Work collaboratively with Modelers and Animators to meet the technical requirements and satisfy the animation needs.


  • Experience on at least two prior 3D animated productions using Autodesk Maya.
  • In-depth knowledge of character/prop rigging technique and principles.
  • A strong demo reel containing past professional work that displays a good knowledge of rigging for character animation purposes.
  • Scripting knowledge (Python, MEL).
  • The ability to work within and meet deadlines.
  • Take feedback well and use it to learn and improve.
  • Enjoy the team spirit associated with other artists to achieve a common creative goal.