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Relish Animation – a division of Relish Interactive – is searching for junior, intermediate, and senior animators to work on a CG web series for Mattel. The position will be based on Vancouver Island (yes – Island!) where we are building out as the hub of our animation division.


The CG Animator will help breathe life into the animated series through an expert knowledge of timing, weight, acting, and all the other principles that make or break a strong animated performance. Collaborating with our teams on Vancouver Island and Costa Rica, the CG animators will receive feedback from the Creative Director to bring a high level of technical proficiency and a sense of style to the project.

Reports to: Head of Animation


  • Animating entertaining performances in a variety of styles.
  • Displaying a solid grasp of animation principles.
  • Displaying an understanding of strong posing, silhouette, timing, and weight.
  • The ability to communicate with the series Creative Director on animation feedback and the enthusiasm to apply such feedback into the animation to improve the scene.
  • The ability to adapt to tools specific to the production.
  • Attending and participating in scheduled team meetings when necessary.
  • Communicating with team members consistently and effectively.
  • Providing positive and productive feedback to rigging and technical teams to get the best performances from the 3D rigs and assets.


  • Experience on at least two prior CG animated productions.
  • Previous CG animation experience – ideally with Autodesk Maya and xGen.
  • A strong demo reel containing past professional work that displays a good knowledge of various styles of animation.
  • The ability to work within and meet deadlines.
  • Take feedback well and use it to learn and improve.
  • Enjoy the team spirit associated with other artists to achieve a common creative goal.
  • The ability to draw is a plus.