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PostBeyond is seeking a top-notch, self-directed Customer Success Manager with a strategic background in marketing and customer/client management. We look for analytical thinkers with the ability to listen and ask thoughtful questions to truly understand the needs of others.

Every Customer Success Manager plays a critical role at PostBeyond. Not only do you have your book of business, but everyone is encouraged to act autonomously and take on projects of interest. We work as a team to ensure we are constantly iterating our process, best practices and frameworks so we always deliver value.

PostBeyond is currently working from home and the successful candidate will receive assistance in setting up an effective remote environment. We have access to on-call flexible work space if the need arises.


Account Management

  • Provide strategic direction during onboarding for each new customer
  • Manage training of administrators and end users for each customer
  • Own each post-sales relationship in your book of business which includes all stakeholders from administrator to decision maker
  • Forecast the health and potential risk/opportunities on a regular basis
  • Track customer progress and status using various tools and CRM
  • Act as customer facing expert inside of PostBeyond
  • Answer questions about data and performance as they arise
  • Manage renewals and upsells collaboratively with sales

Strategy & Planning

  • Excellent relationship management skills, including the ability to manage C-Suite stakeholders
  • Dive deep into data and analytics to understand how a program is performing and what recommendations are to be made for program improvement
  • Collect quantitative & qualitative feedback regularly from customers to create customer stories for marketing
  • Make informed recommendations to Product, Sales, Marketing, and Support on how to improve the onboarding and launch process across different types of account
  • Continuous improvement in the team’s tools, training, processes, reporting, etc., to help the team run efficiently.
  • Identify areas of opportunity to expand PostBeyond’s product within existing accounts
  • Take on special projects that involve collaborating with other internal teams including Sales, Product, Marketing & Development
  • Develop new strategies to mitigate risk and increase adoption


  • Experience in customer success, marketing, client management, customer support, product management and/or project management is preferred
  • Natural curiosity and the desire to constantly learn and evolve skills
  • Excellent Excel skills
  • Experience negotiating and managing complex client/customer relationships
  • Ability to listen first and communicate effectively second
  • Effective at working collaboratively across multiple teams
  • Capable of prioritizing tasks and communicating when help is needed
  • Excellent problem solving skills and sense of self-direction
  • Creative thinker who is process driven and detail oriented
  • CRM experience (ie Salesforce) is not required but preferred

30/60/90 Day Overview

First 30

In your first 30 days at Postbeyond understand the why behind the performance metrics and work to add to the effort. You will shadow CSMs on the team and learn about the Customer Experience and get a chance to understand the tools we leverage to manage our customers effectively. You will also start to meet some of your customers, gearing up for your total takeover at the 60 day mark.

60 Days In

When you are at the 60 day mark, you will have been introduced to all of your customers and be managing the relationship independently. You will also start to take on a brand new implementation to run with support from the SCSM who can answer questions if you have them. You will be updating Salesforce with Customer information for the Health Calculator and begin to really understand the signals of an account in jeopardy. You will handle any renewals with support from either an account executive, the previous CSM or the Director of CS.

Day 90 & Beyond

When day 90 rolls around, you will be on a fast track to taking on your first independent strategic project based on what you think could be improved in the business. You will be able to launch customers completely independently without support from the SCSM and run renewals on your own. You will be comfortable with knowing when to escalate for either technical support or renewal support because you understand the demands of the customer and when you need help pushing back. You will start to see the impact of your effort on retention rate, days to launch, license utilization and your special project coming to life.