People & Operations Coordinator

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PostBeyond is seeking a multi-faceted, self-directed People-leading enthusiast to join the team as a People & Operations Coordinator. The successful candidate must possess a generalist perspective as they work on HR function, operational effectiveness and performance models that fuel the business. While they take pride in their ability to implement fair policy, process and procedures for greater compliance, they also exhibit a high degree of emotional intelligence when working with various stakeholders across the business. Working with the VP of People & Operations, this person will help identify, attract, and select top talent, further enhance team dynamics, champion e-learning/developmental initiatives and show relentless passion for improving operational efficiencies.

The Routine – How you will do it

HR Duties

  • Update employee handbook and forms with new or revised policies and principles
  • Own the Recognition BINGO program to track internal success and performance insights
  • Manage on-boarding/off-boarding of employees within HRIS, tools and distribute/retrieve company hardware
  • Assist in sending correspondence to team members related to business affairs
  • Provide support in salary analysis, commission restructuring & budget planning
  • Assist in updating succession plans and the talent management workbook
  • Coordinate with third party vendors to organize team socials that compliment hybrid work models
  • Maintain and update employee records, org charts, onboarding packages and the general employee portal
  • Liaison with wellness partners, including employee assistance programs, co-working vendors, benefits brokers etc.
  • Sit on the Culture Committee as a facilitator to gain insights regarding employee satisfaction

Recruitment and Selection

  • Maintain employee referral program, keeping track of those enrolled
  • Assist in conducting a needs analysis for each role to revise and update job descriptions and metrics on a regular basis
  • Determine applicant requirements by studying job description and job qualifications to assist in screening efforts
  • Assist in attracting applicants by placing job advertisements/working with recruiters
  • Determine applicant qualifications by interviewing applicants; analyzing responses; verifying references; comparing qualifications to job requirements and scorecards
  • Monitor compensation practices in the market, with emphasis on updating benefits and perks in order to attract the best talent for the job
  • Facilitate orientations for new hires following the “Infuse PB” On-Boarding plan

Learning & Development

  • Champion learning initiatives and keep track of utilization and team progress
  • Research and provide recommendations/resources for proper tool upskill
  • Assign team members from various departments to learning series during Innovation Friday
  • Assist in planning engagement activities that are centered around learning and team growth
  • Develop greater insights from Recognition BINGO reporting to tell a story

Operational Effectiveness

  • Respond to procurement requests and RFP questionnaires for sales prospects
  • Assist in updating the business continuity plan, risk assessment and security policies
  • Manage all accounts payable, including reconciliation of employee expenses, vendor tracking and distribution of funds through wire transfers or ACH
  • Track all inventory, including laptops, monitors, media equipment
  • Manage all incoming/outgoing mail and deliveries, travel bookings and telecommunications
  • Deposit cash receipts to bank and upload to Quickbooks, as well as company drive

Requirements - What you can already do

  • Ability to work in a collaborative and constructive way with teams across the company
  • Self-motivated, a quick and creative thinker, and passionate about helping others
  • Capable of expressing thought leadership within the team and passion for learning
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal and verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent problem solving skills and sense of self-direction
  • Process driven and extremely detail oriented

What You’ve Done to Date

  • 1-2 years in an HR, Legal or Business Communication role

First 30

In your first 30 days at Postbeyond you will learn about all the programs and initiatives in place to engage the team. You will understand the why behind the performance metrics and work to add to the effort. You will shadow those involved in the recruitment process and learn about the PB candidate experience.You will also get a chance to practice parts of the role associated with operational effectiveness, gearing up for your total takeover at the 60 day mark.

60 Days In

When you are at the 60 day mark, you will have been successfully tracking all the learning, recognition and team engagement insights, getting into a groove to take over ownership as lead. You will start interviewing candidates and recommending talent for deeper consideration and you will be greatly acquainted with the reconciliation process for accounts payable, doing so only on the side.

Day 90 & Beyond

When day 90 rolls around, you will be on a fast track to train team members on your own engagement initiative, taking full ownership of a beta program for learning. You will be comfortable sharing job posts online and activating a passive recruitment engine and you will be attending strategy meetings to understand how you can contribute more effectively to the vision of PostBeyond. You will start to see the impact of your effort on employee satisfaction and performance and that momentum will launch you into deeper work in e-learning.