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About NordSpace

NordSpace ( is a Canadian startup with the mission to advance life on Earth, from space. NordSpace is committed to extremely rapid innovation and development of only the most ambitious aerospace projects with only the most ambitious team Canada has to offer. With divisions of rocket propulsion, autonomous robotics, satellite integration, and stratospheric balloons, NordSpace is driven to do everything it takes to bring space closer to Earth and inspire generations of space explorers.

The Robotics Engineer at NordSpace will be one of the founding members of the team working on building its robotics and mechatronics capabilities. Robotics are a fundamental aspect of just about all modern engineering processes, and it will be no different at NordSpace. The ultimate goal will be to develop the hardware and software necessary to create the most refined and capable platform for extra-terrestrial exploration. This role and division will also heavily support the rest of the divisions at NordSpace where mechanical, electrical, and software systems are necessary.

You will build the foundations for this division of NordSpace in your first year and also participate in the recruitment of additional engineers, as well as some business development. This role requires someone with vision, leadership, and a relentless work ethic that goes far beyond the norm.


  • 2+ years of industry experience in mechatronics and/or robotics
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in robotics engineering or related field, Master’s or Ph.D. greatly preferred
  • Significant experience implementing common robotics algorithms and deep understanding of control systems theory
  • Significant experience with common robotics and computer vision tools, languages and frameworks (e.g. ROS, Gazebo, C++, Python, PyTorch, OpenCV, etc.)
  • Significant hands-on engineering experience with mechanical (3D design, fabrication) and electrical systems (PCB design, embedded systems programming) and sub-system integration
  • Significant knowledge of and deep passion for the space industry at large
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to conduct independent research
  • Excellent English communication skills
  • Excellent project management skills

This is a full-time in-person role at our head office in Markham