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Lower Nicola Indian Band

Job Posting

There is a full-time position and openings for Paid - on -call

Department: Fire Department

Position Title: Fire Fighter

Hours: 35 hours a week plus on-call schedule

Start Date: ASAP

Wage: $28/hour for Paid on Call

$28/hour for weekly 2-hour practice participation

$2.50/hour while on scheduled After-Hours on call - full rate is called in

$30/hour to start for regular full-time fire fighters

$ x1.5 regular pay for all hours worked over 80 hours/two week pay period

Summary of responsibilities

Responds to fires and other emergency alarms and assists in those operations necessary to insure the confinement and extinguishment of fires or the elimination of other hazardous conditions. Also will be involved with interface fires and monitors any controlled burning.

Duties and tasks

· assists in the evacuation of endangered persons from hazardous locales

· connects and lays hose lines operates hose nozzles and other fire extinguishing appliances in an efficient manner to reduce water or other damage raises,

· lowers and climbs ladders

· uses hand and power tools makes forcible entry into buildings opens up walls and other structures

· enters burning buildings or other locations

· protects property through salvage and clean-up operations by using salvage covers, brooms, mops, shovels and similar equipment

· replaces broken or ruptured sprinkler heads to prevent unnecessary water damage

· operates resuscitator and inhalator and administers first aid and CPR

· assists officers at the scene of a fire or other locale by delivery of messages, receiving reports and transmitting orders

· assists in getting equipment and apparatus prepared for further alarms after a fire or emergency

· attends instruction classes, training sessions and drills studies local conditions and factors affecting fire operations

· assists in maintaining fire apparatus, equipment and stations.

Will Also fill on of these Additional Community Roles

Training officer

This new position will be required to set up and deliver all required training on a weekly basis and provide a training calendar to department members. Develop a training schedule for paid and volunteer crew members.

We will be starting a new training program this year which will have the department in line with the current standards. Each lesson entails 2-4 hours of prep work not including the practical portion. This position will also be required to conduct monthly Job Performance Requirements that will be recorded into our software for training records, and will be responsible for the community fire smart program

Public education officer

This position will be responsible for providing public education to membership, band school, and band owned buildings. The training will include fire safety inside the home, fire extinguisher use and exchange program, how to call for help in the event of an emergency some of the membership don’t know to call 911. This position will be doing home visits to elders and assist them in wood stove cleaning, filter replacement for furnaces as well will teach members how to deal with grease fires, chimney fires.

This position will also ensure fire drills are conducted in all public buildings as well as ensure escape routes are posted and exits are clear from debris.

Admin Officer

This position will be required to ensure all required information is recorded in the software program as well as create a system that identifies required inspections and services of all equipment. They also must create a system to track all required dates of gear purchases as they have an expiry date that we need to track. All daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual testing will also be required to have a tracking system as well. Will also create and maintain a system to track and monitor our SCBA system as well as our filling station, which will also entail refreshing all the air tanks on a monthly basis.

Required knowledge, skills and abilities

· Completion of Grade 12

· completion of one or two years of additional post-secondary education, apprenticeship or equivalent

successful completion of an approved firefighter training program and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1001 Level 1 and 2 Certification

· Class 3, 4 and/or 5 British Columbia driver’s licence with airbrake endorsement

· a driving record that shows responsible and safe driving behaviour

· must be medically and physically fit and meet vision and hearing standards

· must pass a criminal record check

· CPR Level "C" and Occupational First Aid Level 3 or First Responder Level 3

Other qualifications that may be beneficial include:

· volunteer firefighter experience

· other work experience related to firefighting (such as building construction, mechanical experience, driving large or emergency vehicles, forest firefighting, diving, first aid and paramedical experience)

· fluency in a language other than English

· an ability to swim and related life-saving certificates

· Knowledge of cultural burning and

· non claustrophobic.

· volunteer work in the community

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