Assistant Pastor, Worship

PastoralFull TimeOttawa, ON

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CAMPUS: Orleans

TEAM: Worship & Production

LEADER: Orleans Campus Pastor

WORKWEEK: Sunday - Thursday

HOURS: Full-time, Salary

TERM: Fixed Term Contract

PERIOD: 1 year (Renewable)

BENEFITS: Health Benefits, RRSP Plan, Phone Allowance, Clergy Residence Deduction, Vehicle Milege Reimbursemnt.



Lead and oversee the Worship and Production teams at Lifecentre.

PURPOSE STATEMENT: Your primary purpose is to minister to the congregation of Lifecentre Christian Fellowship Church. This role will require a passion for growing people both in our church and in our city. This role requires a strong team dynamic, a firm grasp of the culture and vision of Lifecentre, as well as a strong leadership gift that encourages, equips, and empowers leaders and teams in growing together with Jesus to make a difference in our city. The role of the Assistant Pastor is to oversee the worship and production teams and minister to the congregation of Lifecentre Christian Fellowship Church.



  • Possess Christ-like, servant attitude, self-motivated, leader and team builder
  • Devoted to the call of God and the vision/mission/strategic approach of Lifecentre
  • Has a passion for Jesus, people and our city
  • Able to communicate vision with passion, clarity and enthusiasm
  • Forward thinker with an imaginative flair, aware of current trends, and leading tools
  • Willing to learn new programs as needed
  • Is currently (or willing to become) a member of Lifecentre


  • Able to initiate, execute and manage effective systems to communicate to others
  • Able to mobilize teams in order to accomplish a mission
  • Strong attention to detail with the ability to manage multiple projects/systems simultaneously
  • Results-focused leadership with persuasive interpersonal skills adaptable to a variety of personalities and situations
  • Professional in speech, conduct and presentation, worthy of representing Lifecentre well in all organizational and city-wide interactions
  • Able to manage budgets for maximum impact
  • Ability to produce each service and execute creative elements with excellence and heart.

PRIMARY DUTY: To minister to the congregation of The Life Centre Christian Fellowship Church, with emphasis on facilitating congregational worship experiences through biblically inspired songs, cross-generational worship, creative musical arrangements, and engaging production for the spiritual benefit and development of the Lifecentre community. This also involves leading and overseeing teams that are key in encouraging and building people up, all while creating a sense of connection, community and family within the teams themselves.


The Assistant Pastor’s main focus of responsibilities include:

(Examples of responsibilities are outlined in “Appendix A” which are open to modification at any time by your Supervisor or Sr. Leadership)

1. Model Biblical Priorities

Responsible for upholding Biblical priorities and core values of Lifecentre. They should represent a growing personal relationship with Jesus. The Assistant Pastor should model a strong relationship with his or her spouse (if married) and children (if applicable). They strive to fulfill his or her purpose in life and ministry while demonstrating integrity in words, relationships and actions.

2. Develop and Initiate Creative Elements for Lifecentre (20%)

Responsible for ministering to the Congregation of Lifecentre and abroad by initiating ideas and working with the Orleans Service Planning Team and Creative Team to produce and create creative elements (e.g. video’s and music) Through online platforms and reach, these creative elements extend encouragement and positivity to people beyond Lifecentre’s walls. Responsible to execute the creative elements, in each service ,with appropriate vision, dynamic and leadership.

3. Pastoral Leadership in the Worship and Production Ministry (70%)

Responsible to pastor and minister to the worship and production volunteers through leadership, support and care through building intentional relationships. Responsible to also provide new growth opportunities for the worship and production ministry, so that together, the teams can effectively minister to Lifecentre’s congregation. Responsible to provide pastoral guidance and support through the leadership of congregational worship songs that bring praise and glory to God and that encourage growth in people’s faith.

4. Administrative Duties (10%)

Responsible to minister to the congregation of Lifecentre through various administrative duties that help to organize, manage, report and account for duties specific in relation to the worship and production ministries.



August 2021

A. Model Biblical Priorities

These responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Commit to a daily quiet-time with God
  • Participate in a Lifecentre small group on a regular basis
  • Set appropriate boundaries to protect character and integrity
  • Develop personal evangelism opportunities within and outside the church
  • Model servanthood and generosity through time, talent and treasure
  • Adhere to and encompassing the qualities and characteristics required of Lifecentre employees, as defined by the Lifestyle Manual

B. Pastoral Leadership

These responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Understanding the spiritual climate. To be sensitive to the troubles, victory’s, pains, and struggles that people are walking through and to bring songs and elements to build their faith and focus on Christ.
  • Ability to choose songs with words that encourage people to grow in their relationship with Christ, and that support people in their circumstances (as listed above).
  • To gather music and create musical arrangements that assist the song set flow and fulfill the Sunday vision. This involves understanding the role of each instrument and voice throughout the set.
  • To prepare the production requirements that will enhance and communicate the vision of the song set (e.g words, graphics, video’s, lighting, and sound).
  • Coordinate and lead all worship and production rehearsals, and service moments.
  • Compliment each congregational worship experience with spiritual direction in prayer or scripture reading.
  • Continual follow up with people who reach out personally or who are encouraged by the worship experience. Continue to walk with the community through support , through prayer or by any other means that is possible, needed or required (e.g. connect them to a life group or ministry).

C. Develop and Initiate Creative Elements for Lifecentre

These responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Identify important themes or messages in a worship service that could benefit having a creative element added to effectively communicate the hope and heart of the Gospel.
  • Work with the Orleans Service Planning Team and Creative Team to brainstorm creative ideas (e.g. video’s, music, stage designs) that will complement the theme or message to be communicated.
  • Build teams for the creative elements.
  • Create (stage designs), write, produce or record(with the Creative Team) the creative elements that are approved.
  • Facilitate and lead the monthly Service Planning Meeting to allow assigned teams to share ideas and the progress of creative elements for the upcoming months.
  • Share final edits
  • Release finished creative elements to the Senior Leadership Team and campus pastors so they can facilitate the execution of the creative elements.

D. Lead and Develop Lifecentre’s Worship and Production Teams

These responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Establish unity between the worship and production teams.
  • Provide weekly communication for the vision of the Sunday service to the worship and production teams. Communicate to each person their roles and duties.
  • Facilitate mid-week and Sunday rehearsals to bring spiritual growth and purpose to each volunteer.
  • Provide resources that ensure volunteers are ready to minister on Sundays (e.g. chord charts, musical notations, lighting cues, sound cues, recordings, song overviews).
  • Provide resources that assist each volunteer in their grow in music and in their production skills (e.g. tutorial videos, teaching, giving feedback).
  • To be active in finding and facilitating new resources, tools, and equipment for establishing efficiency the worship and production ministry functions and to give worship and production volunteers confidence while serving.
  • Build the worship and production teams by recruiting and campaigning for new volunteers. This involves facilitating musical tryouts, follow ups, and training sessions.
  • Connect to the church community through calls, emails and by reaching out to volunteers. Provide mentorship, accountability, and counsel when needed.

E. Administrative Duties

These responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Use and maintain PCO (Planning Centre Online) for scheduling worship and production teams, workflows, profile management, and communication.
  • Use and maintain programs like Ableton, ProPresenter and Lightkey. Continually update, organize, and use these programs in a way that positively effect the experience of a volunteer and congregation.
  • Use and maintain dropbox and dropbox paper for organizing creative elements and establishing workflows with other staff members.
  • Complete and fill out weekly check-in reports for Campus Pastor
  • Provide receipts and information for monthly expense reports.

Note: Lifecentre requires flexibility and therefore has the right to make changes to employees’ jobs and compensation without resulting in a constructive dismissal.