Worship/Creative Pastor

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PURPOSE STATEMENT: The role of the Worship & Creative Pastor (WCP) is to oversee all elements of service programming for Lifecentre under the direction and leadership of the Campus Pastor, and the Senior leadership team at Lifecentre. This will require a firm grasp of the beliefs, values and strategy of Lifecentre and the ability to work with staff, and align leadership teams, and volunteers with its mission, vision and values. The WCP will lead all components of worship programming including music, audio, video, lighting, creative elements and series planning.


  • Possess Christ-like, servant attitude
  • Devoted to the call of God and the vision/mission/strategic approach of Lifecentre
  • Has a passion for Jesus, people and our city
  • Self-motivated, leader and team builder
  • Able to communicate vision with passion, clarity and enthusiasm
  • Forward thinker with an imaginative flair, aware of current trends, and leading tools
  • Willing to learn new programs as needed
  • Is currently (or willing to become) a member of Lifecentre


  • Enrolled or in the process of completing Bible School (Certificate or Degree) is a significant consideration.
  • Minimum 3 years experience in leading worship through music in the large groups
  • Minimum 3 years experience is leading through a creative team of volunteers
  • Trained in music theory and able to lead from piano and/or other instrument
  • Proficient in Live Audio, Video and Lighting integrations / systems (Including Pro-presenter)
  • Fluent in creating music through Ableton, MainStage and/or Logic
  • Systematic and diligent is organizing people and teams through Planning Centre Services
  • Currently holds or is working towards ministerial credentials.

PRIMARY DUTY: To minister to the congregation of The Life Centre Christian Fellowship Church, with emphasis on providing pastoral services to Adults through creative elements such as music and creative arts. As Lifecentre continues to grow and plant new campuses, there is an increased need for a Worship Pastor to help bring focused leadership to the Weekend Experiences and the Teams that are in place to serve them.

The Worship & Creative Pastor’s main focus of responsibilities include:

1. Model Biblical Priorities

Responsible for upholding Biblical priorities and core values of Lifecentre. The WAC should represent a growing personal relationship with Jesus. The WAC models a strong relationship with his or her spouse (if married) and children (if applicable). The WAC strives to fulfill his or her purpose in life and ministry while demonstrating integrity in words, relationships and actions. These objectives are accomplished by:

  • Committing to a daily quiet-time with God
  • Participating in a Lifecentre small group on a regular basis
  • Setting appropriate boundaries to protect character and integrity
  • Developing personal evangelism opportunities within and outside the church
  • Modelling servanthood and generosity through time, talent and treasure
  • Adhering to and encompassing the qualities and characteristics required of Lifecentre employees, as defined by the Lifestyle Manual

2. Leadership & Team Development
Responsible for providing leadership to the worship arts team. The WAC leads, evaluates and

mentors existing creative arts team and prioritizes the discovering and development of future team members. Includes the following responsibilities:

  • Supervising the creative arts team in week-to-week operational activities.
  • Overseeing the training and development of the worship, creative and production teams.
  • Recruiting, developing, ensuring new team members are cared for with due diligence, as established by Lifecentre’s guidelines and expectations.
  • Scheduling and empowering volunteers to serve for scheduled experiences/events at least two months in advance.
  • Maintaining a strong network of professionals (worship leaders, musicians, audio engineers, production volunteers, etc.)

3. Service Planning & Programming

Responsible for all details related to the planning and execution of dynamic experiences including, but not limited to, weekend Worship Experiences, Experience Life Events, and Leadership Events/Conferences. This is accomplished through:

A. Music

  • Leading campus music teams to arrange and compose fresh, innovative musical arrangements and worship/music sets and experiences.
  • Creating and managing systems/processes to work with all team members to develop a series from idea to implementation.
  • Creating goals and accountability that encourage music teams to network, recruit and develop musicians and singers (strive to be at least three deep in every position.)
  • Leading regular evaluations and critique sessions to maintain a bar of excellence and monitoring the impact of service programming.
  • Lead mid-week rehearsals that both, build community and prepare musically.

B. Production

  • Leading campus production teams to design, develop, and implement technology and support that best executes the experiential vision of Lifecentre.
  • Giving oversight to the audio, lighting, and video technology for Lifecentre including maintenance, programming and purchasing.
  • Ensuring each weekend message is cut, exported, and uploaded in order to be linked to Lifecentre’s website and Podcast channel.
  • Giving oversight to all stage design concepts; not necessarily hands on at each campus, but consideration must be brought into the process.

C. Creative

  • Contributing to brainstorm sessions to generate fresh ideas and creative elements for service programming.
  • Staying in touch with culture trends to effectively connect the culture with the gospel.
  • Understanding the creative DNA of Lifecentre to effectively maximize programming, series development and corporate experience.
  • Developing Team Nights that both cultivate creativity and ideation, but curate opportunities for community and care from within the entire team.

4. Series Development

Assist the creative planning team in dreaming and developing series that accomplish the vision as well as spiritual, and experiential goals of the weekend. This is accomplished by:

  • Coming prepared to contribute to monthly meetings to plan and coordinate music, video, technical, and creative elements to be used in service programming.
  • Assisting in creating/managing systems/processes to work with all team members to develop a series from idea to implementation.
  • Communicating and delegating necessary responsibilities to your team, ensuring enough time for ownership and excellence in execution.

5. Administrative Duties

This includes, but not limited to:

  • Attendance in leadership meetings.
  • Providing administrative support, training and pastoral care to LifeCreate’s Volunteers &
    Team Leaders
  • Use and maintenance of PCO for scheduling, check-in, workflows, profile management and communication.
  • Provide regular reports of goals, wins, challenges, upcoming experiences.