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Job Title: Head of Payments (part time) 

Build redundancy in payments for LaunchGood and ensure that we are working with the best providers and solutions to ensure an amazing payment experience for our campaign organizers and donors.

The Head of Payments is responsible for every currency that moves through our bank partners, card networks, and LaunchGood’s internal platforms and systems. We aim to make the customer experience with our payments systems a smooth and effective experience and at the same time cost-effective for the company. We are looking for a highly experienced manager managing our relationships with banks, card networks and financial institutions. 

Expectations and responsibilities: 

  • Create and lead the global payments strategy for LaunchGood. 
  • Find cost effective solutions for our payments to our worldwide customer base. 
  • Leverage payment processing networks and manage relationships. 
  • Lead and shape our redundancy strategy and execution.
  • Oversee the daily operations for incoming and outgoing payments. 
  • Maintain and leverage networks in the financial sector.  
  • Oversee fraud checks and risk management. 
  • Serve as our subject matter expert and advocate for payments.
  • Enable recurring and subscription payments with key local payment methods. 
  • Ensure our regulatory requirements are met. 
  • Overseeing foundational industry and regulatory relationships
  • Sourcing payment processing companies. 
  • Data driven decision making. 
  • Research and analyze industry trends and opportunities. 
  • Ensure the fulfilment of our obligations towards our clients and other financial institutions. 
  • Proactively plan for potential issues and execute effective solutions.
  • Strong financial legal knowledge. 
  • Extensive experience with digital payments products. 

Core competencies: 

  • Prior Experience and solid understanding of the payment industry.  
  • Lead and support management on compliance, risk, partner engagement and industry initiatives. 
  • Experience of working with redundancy models and systems. 
  • Passionate about payments, financial products, and e-commerce. 
  • Track record demonstrating strategic thinking, innovation, collaboration and the ability to deliver and drive results. 
  • Experience building and managing multiple relationships. 
  • Deep analytical skills to make effective payment decisions. 
  • Excellent communication and writing skills. 
  • Have a big network book and ability to leverage relationships. 
  • Experience working in a bank or other financial services company (preferably in payments or operational department). 
  • Knowledge of different fraud checking systems. 
  • Deep knowledge of financial products, payment instruments and payment processing systems worldwide. 
  • Proven success working with cross-functional teams distributed in multiple geographic locations
  • Trust and Integrity. An honest, inclusive and open approach.
  • Conflict resolution experience. 
  • Strong interpersonal, follow-up, problem-solving & creative thinking skills.
  • Establishing and delivering key KPI’s.
  • Payments consulting, marketplace, or e-commerce payments experience. 
  • Report to the COO