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Job title: Customer Experience Manager

About LaunchGood

LaunchGood is a global crowdfunding platform to support Muslims launching good all across the world by helping them raise funds for their campaigns. We believe Muslims can be a wellspring of solutions and have incredible values to share with the world. 

The LaunchGood Vision

LaunchGood was started as a community and ecosystem to revive that spirit of creativity and entrepreneurism that elevated Muslims globally for centuries. It is a place to support great ideas in the community and also challenge ourselves to think bigger. It is a network that insists the ummah is still alive in our hearts, that our hearts are connected no matter where we are. It is our showroom to the world of all the great things Muslims are capable of.

Could a Muslim write the next Harry Potter novel, create the next Lord of the Rings trilogy, or discover the next great vaccine? We firmly believe so, that's why we're here.

We invite you to be part of our global team. What has started as an online crowdfunding platform has grown into this network of nearly half a million users. Together, we can change our communities, our countries and the world - one ambitious project at a time!


Support the Chief of Customer Experience to lead in creating and shaping the best and most delightful customer experience. 

Roles and Responsibilities 

  1. Customer Support Supervision  (60%)
  2. Development/Design Feedback/Definition (20%)
  3. Coaching and Training (20%)

Preferred Characteristics 

  1. Experience managing customer support processes for at least 3 to 5 years 
  2. Management and training experience for at least three years 
  3.  Great decision-making skills and judgment. Aware of general Muslim community nuances/challenges as much as possible while making decisions.
  4. Process and systems-oriented 
  5. Has worked with interdisciplinary teams such as. developer(s) or designer(s
  6. Strongly empathetic to the pain of users
  7. Problem solver and strong tenacity to figure out solutions
  8. Hates unread messages :) 
  9. Data-driven 
  10. Growth learning Mindset 
  11. Doesn’t mind working remotely and independently 


1. Customer Support Supervision  (60%)

a. Supervise and manage all LaunchGood support touch points, process and support team 

b. Run daily stand ups on open tickets and unresolved issues

c. Constantly find ways to enhance current support process and decrease response time by 50%

d. Improve the campaign review and approval process to ensure we are responding within 24 hours or less 

e. Review escalated issues and  compliance research for international campaigns 

f. Lead development of all help desk, documentation, and support tools 

g. Keep ahead of industry developments and apply best practices to areas of improvement

2. Development/Design Feedback/Definition (20%)

a. Lead the design/development feedback and definition of solutions to customer pain points

b. Advocate for changes that affect users in different scenarios

c. Compile, categorize, and maintain a list of bugs, fixes, and changes to site 3. Coaching and Training (20%)

a. Recruit and consistently train LaunchGood support specialists on new processes or changes b. Lead and organize diligent training documentation 

c. Run support team training retreats and mentoring 

4.  General 

  1. Embody the values of LaunchGood
  2. Weekly check in with manager Maria Arshad, individually and collectively as a team.
  3. You are expected to deliver the work you commit yourself to on time and clearly communicate schedule changes which may impact deliverables.
  4. Average 40 hours week for all LaunchGood related efforts 
  5. Join us for team retreats as need be (ex. Annual retreats, support team retreats)