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We are looking for a developer to join our team who can help scale up our data platform to meet our growing needs. As part of the Drivewyze data team, you will expand the data infrastructure to support an ever-increasing customer and product list.

Location: Head Office, Edmonton

Report to: Manager, Data Intelligence Group

About the role: Drivewyze uses an event-based model for capturing data from hundreds of thousands of devices in the field, which requires scalable storage, transformation, retrieval, and analysis. As a Data Developer, you will be working with our existing data lake and data warehouse platform to write new ingestors, ETL jobs, and warehouse schema updates. Your goal is to work with stakeholders to ensure that project business logic requirements are accurately translated into data flows and proactively anticipate data performance/scalability challenges in the project planning phase. Additionally, you will work with product development teams to assist in the development of APIs and tools that access warehouse data.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Create jobs for extraction, transformation, and loading of data from various data sources using SQL, NoSQL, Map-Reduce, and other technologies.
  • Working with stakeholders to understand project data requirements.
  • Creating ingestors for new data sources.
  • Expanding and improving existing PySpark implementation.
  • Optimizing data warehouse for performant querying.
  • Work with the data platform team to recommend data platform improvements based on project needs.
  • Identify commonalities across disparate projects to reduce redundant ETL jobs.

Job requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or related field/experience.
  • Experience in end-to-end design of data engineering solutions combined with knowledge of data architectures.
  • Knowledge of data lake, data warehousing, and ETL concepts, including knowledge and experience running ETL pipelines of multiple sources.
  • This is an intermediate position requiring demonstrated knowledge and skill in the following areas:
  • Object-oriented programming
  • ETL development, including the map-reduce paradigm
  • Unit testing
  • SCM tools (Git, TFS, or similar)
  • Back-end services development
  • Documentation writing

The following skills and technologies will be used on the job. Prior experience may be an asset, and additional learning will be supported once in the role.

  • PostgreSQL
  • ETL Concepts
  • Data Warehousing
  • Python
  • Apache Spark,
  • Linux
  • MapReduce
  • Big Data Concepts
  • SCM Tools

Bonus: AWS Technologies Experience (S3, EC2, RDS, EMR)

Work with us because you believe in what we do.

Want to be part of a team whose mission is to save lives by reducing commercial transportation fatalities? How about being part of a tech company that will, again, disrupt the industry with a radical new idea? Want to experience what it’s like to work in a silicon-valley, start-up-like organization?

Although technically, we have been in business for over 15 years, we are proud to have maintained a start-up feel with each team member acting like owners modeling our values:

  • Create Exceptional Experiences. Think like a customer, colleague, partner, and stakeholder. Strive to go above and beyond and have a positive impact on others.
  • Drive to Succeed. Be purposeful and accountable. Persevere through challenges and seek ways to enable success. Operate with speed, agility, and excellence.
  • Empower and Lead. Take the initiative and be proactive. Identify problems quickly and help tackle them. Have a voice, share ideas, and give constructive feedback. Encourage others to do the same.
  • Disrupt Creatively. Be curious, explore ideas without bias, and fearlessly try new things. Foster innovation with diversity of thought. Merit ideas, not titles, and learn from failure.
  • Cultivate Relationships. Build credibility and influence with integrity, honesty, and commitment. Seek win-win outcomes and lead with transparency and high ethical standards.
  • Raise the Bar. Continually improve and grow. Build for the future, develop capability, and help others to learn. Take risks and aim high. Don’t iterate when you can change the game.
  • Play as a Team. Navigate with genuine, care, respect, and inclusiveness. Create momentum through collaborative partnerships. Celebrate successes and have fun.

Let’s talk compensation and perks:

  • Competitive compensation package, including benefits.
  • Open vacation program with unlimited vacation days.
  • Inclusive, collaborative culture.
  • Social initiatives and virtual events until we are back in the office to battle in our games room (we call it Vegas) and face-off in ping pong, foosball, darts, and board games.
  • Organized fun time – Debate a book in the book club, go for a jog with the running club or join in a lunchtime game of soccer, baseball, hockey, even golf!

About Us:

Drivewyze is disrupting the commercial trucking industry by delivering unsurpassed time-saving and cost-effective driving solutions to commercial vehicle operators and carriers. We’re on a mission to revolutionize the delivery of highway safety and transportation management through world-class products, systems, and services. Drivewyze’s parent company, Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc. (IIS), is a supplier and integrator of some of the most advanced commercial vehicle inspection and safety systems today. We provide transportation and law enforcement agencies with the industry’s most technologically advanced tools to make the goals of safety and security more efficient and effective.

Intelligent Imaging and its subsidiary, Driveywze is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will be given consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.

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