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What’s the call?

At Horizon, we’re growing, and fast. To keep up with the awesome work that we are doing, we are looking to scale up our team. We believe in freedom, fun, and creativity and want our employees to do the same. For this reason, when we look for top talent looking to break into the crypto space, we don’t want to limit our candidate pool to the specific job descriptions we post. We want candidates to carve out a role for themselves within our organization and play a role in paving the future at Horizon.

We want you to apply not to a role, but to Horizon itself. Tell us what you’re good at and what you like, and we’ll see how you can make an impact here!

What is happening at Horizon?

At Horizon, we are bringing the blockchain and all of its opportunities to everybody. We’re launching two trailblazing products: Sequence, a crypto wallet for everyone, and Skyweaver, a blockchain-based TCG offering balanced gameplay and blockchain-enabled economies.

By combining a strong UI with powerful NFT and DeFi features, we’re working on a potentially revolutionary product. We’re a well capitalized start-up equipped and excited to take on big challenges and leave our mark wherever we go.

Our Functional Areas

Blockchain Engineering:

We’re making innovative blockchain solutions with our team. Some of us have co-authored numerous blockchain protocols such as ERC-1155 and contributed to other open source projects on and off the blockchain. We are looking to iterate on the strides made in the industry to create unique solutions in our product offerings and offer new value to our customers.

Our blockchain solutions are implemented in Skyweaver, containing NFT cards, and its secondary marketplace, where users can trade them. We implement blockchain solutions to keep our game’s economy running efficiently and reliably.

We also create blockchain solutions with Sequence, and its product ecosystem. These solutions are widespread and are meant to be used in conjunction with other blockchain projects and protocols to advance the industry and make Sequence the go-to wallet for all users looking to tap into the blockchain and Web3.

Game Design:

For any multiplayer game, there needs to be consistent updates, innovation and balancing. We believe the same should be offered within Skyweaver. We want to keep the game design itself fair and balanced for all players to be able to participate and enjoy. We apply a community-centric approach to our game design and see where we can apply blockchain technologies to improve the experience. At the core of it all, Skyweaver is a trading card game, and avoids using blockchain and NFT technologies as a cash-grab. We believe this firmly, and look to keep the community and game growing and thriving.

Finance & Strategy:

As Skyweaver and Sequence grow, Horizon looks to extract the full potential of a fast-growing blockchain sector and become a leader in the space. We have a highly talented team, led by a former McKinsey & Company consultant, with experience in management consulting, corporate finance and executive leadership. How can we successfully scale the organization in a highly competitive and innovative environment? How can we responsibly leverage the full potential of blockchain technology? How can we mitigate the negative externalities of the blockchain for our users? These are only a few of the many problems our finance and strategy team looks to solve.

Data Analytics & Operations:

The moment the world entered the Digital Revolution, data became one of the most powerful resources in the world. Our data team leverages this commodity to drive the insights used to make critical business decisions. Working in a hybrid environment with data on the blockchain and data collected from Skyweaver, creates a unique situation for our data team. We employ creative solutions to deliver unique data driven insights which are then applied to critical business decisions revolving around the game, legislation, finance and business strategy.

Marketing & Community:

Our marketing team is positioned uniquely, as it looks to market two products, each different in its own right, finding a way to create a unified strategy that will lead both to success. We have members who have held managerial positions at AAA gaming studios and successfully launching titles such as Batman Arkham Origins, multiple titles in the Farcry series, and Watch Dogs 2, among others. The marketing team is highly dynamic, engaging in many cross-functional initiatives to develop product strategy.

Our community team is the leading force of the Skyweaver community. Driving engagement with players, existing and prospective, they maintain, guide and gain insights from the players of our game to ensure that our product is community centric. Our community team is critical to the long-term success of the game. With experience in marketing, community and product management across sectors such as gaming, consumer technology, fashion and esports, our community team brings the most diverse and impactful perspectives to the table.

HR & Operations:

Our HR and Operations team is critical to the smooth operation of the organization. They coordinate across numerous teams to determine the next steps for the organization, and then they implement them. Our HR & Operations team is full of self-starters and go-getters who are always looking ahead and planning for the next steps in the organization’s long-term plans. Our team members have scaled companies which were later acquired by large scale organizations such as ADP and Pivotal Labs, as well as managed the recruiting of top talent within the crypto-blockchain and other SaaS spaces.