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About Horizon Blockchain Games

At Horizon, we’re building a New Dimension where Internet economies are fun, accessible, and for the benefit of all participants.

We envision this in two ways: Sequence, our Web3 wallet and platform, provides a seamless user and developer experience for Ethereum, NFTs, Web3, DeFi and Dapps, allowing any web application to integrate with blockchain in two minutes. And Skyweaver, a digital trading card game—powered by Sequence—where players actually own the game items they win and purchase.

While the challenge is hard, we find it incredibly fun. And we have the ingredients to make it happen: A well-capitalized company with some of the best investors in the world (Reddit co-founder, Coinbase), an amazing team of leaders in the blockchain space, engineers who have built widely popular open source, a former McKinsey strategy consultant, gaming industry veterans, and founders who have built and sold successful companies. 

Management at Horizon

Given our small size, our management team works closely together. This means you will be working with your reports but also directly with the entire executive team. We’ve worked hard to make sure everyone is surrounded by amazing colleagues.

We are looking for a well rounded and experienced engineering leader, who has worked previously as an engineering leader either in a senior, Director, or VP capacity, and will take the responsibility for the engineering team of Sequence.

Sequence is a blockchain infrastructure and Web3 wallet, providing a seamless user and developer experience for Ethereum, NFTs, Web3, DeFi and Dapps, allowing any web application to integrate with blockchain in two minutes. It aims to enable and power the next generation of internet economies.

The Role

Our engineering team works across two products, Skyweaver and Sequence. You will be responsible for managing the engineering team focused on Sequence. 
Our company as a whole has 12 engineers, half of whom work on Sequence. Some of our engineers work across both products. We have several open positions that we are trying to fill in the Product and Engineering team. 

The responsibility of this role is to raise the engineering output and performance of our engineering teams. Concretely, this means designing durable processes and structures about how engineering work is planned and executed, so that we can sustain high output for the long-term. Second, you will work directly with teams to make sure everyone is working on the right things that drive business impact, communicating and confirming alignment, while all being done as efficiently as possible. Third, you will ensure the engineering roadmap aligns with the company and product strategy.

Sequence is in beta, and currently powers Skyweaver on testnet. Our plan is to move off of testnet and onto a production mainnet in the summer. Your work will therefore be aimed at driving engineering efforts toward a successful launch, and beyond: This includes software quality and minimizing bugs; increasing the speed of development of feature work; aligning engineering work with impact and company strategy; and building durable processes so we can sustain high-quality development for the long-term.

Responsibilities include:

  • Define and plan an engineering roadmap that aligns with company and product strategy
  • Design durable systems for how engineering work is measured, planned, and executed
  • Continuously measure engineering impact across your product and team
  • Offer career development, growth, and mentorship to engineers. You will work closely with your team in growing their careers, creating opportunities, and putting them on a path where people can do their best work. 
  • Provide continuous feedback. Through regular 1-1s, you will communicate and clarify goals and outcomes, uncover issues as they happen, and provide context. We believe timely feedback is essential, and where candor is practiced.

About You:

  • Posses deep technical expertise, with an ability to assess technical work both at an architectural and individual level
  • Systems thinker, with an eye to design repeatable, and efficient engineering processes
  • Superb judgment, with learned experience making tradeoffs, with a bias for impact
  • Experience organizing planned work using Agile or Scrum methodologies, or similar
  • Great organizational skills, with the ability to translate high-level goals into concrete plans and roadmaps
  • Natural leadership ability to lead the team and work jointly with other leaders towards deadlines
  • An interest in blockchain, Ethereum, or related technologies
  • 10+ years of senior, technical experience
  • 3+ years managing a team, with an example of proven performance

Lastly, we look for the following in leadership roles:

  • An inspirational team leader
  • Ability to develop and coach team members. A 10x engineer is great, but compounded 10% growth is just as effective.
  • Natural ability to focus on what matters, with a bias for impact
  • Easy to work with
  • Candor, and the ability to speak your mind for the benefit of the team

Why Horizon?

  • Opportunity to deliver massive impact at a small and quickly growing company 
  • Work on hard, big, meaningful problems that can shift markets
  • Participate in defining Web3, the next generation of the Internet, and create massive value through decentralized networks
  • Work with an outstanding team made of wonderful people who have built and sold successful companies, launched amazing products, and have rich experience in games, blockchain, finance, investing, strategy, design, and more.
  • Competitive compensation
  • Investment in your personal development, e.g., training, conferences and more, so you never stop learning
  • Learn more about us and our values here

    We are committed to diversity

    We are committed to diversity and encourage applicants from all backgrounds, genders and faiths. While we want to build a great game, we also want to build a great team, and company. The best way to do that is to attract talented minds from all areas and to have their experience as humans inform their work.