IPM/Irrigation Technician

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ROLE: IPM/Irrigation Technician

The role of the Integrated Pest Management/Irrigation Technician is to monitor the plants for disease or harmful pests and maintain plant nutrition through all fertigation requirements. Promote healthy plant growth and disease control by implementing an appropriate Pest Management schedule catered to specific needs of different cultivars and growth stage. We achieve this goal by using a range of options from careful examination of plants and surrounding area, analyzing disease pressure profile, deploying preventative biological controls, and responding to outbreaks.


  • Daily/weekly inspections of greenhouse crops using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques
  • Effective communication with IPM Lead/Team Leads and provide assistance to all team members
  • Monitor pest ecosystems to evaluate the presence of pest species, natural pest predators, and environmental factors that may contribute to pest problems
  • Complete EC and pH measurements, soil readings and leaf samples to ensure fertigation is tailored to plant needs
  • Work with chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides (spraying), and sanitizers while following all safety procedures regarding controlled products
  • Perform regular calibration of nutrient testing instruments and the irrigation system
  • Monitor and refill stock tanks when needed, ensuring proper sanitation
  • Document all findings; complete inspection reports and provide reports to IPM Lead
  • Ensure that bio inventory is dispersed on time and in a manner that is productive
  • Apply preventative measures and control products; document action taken
  • Work in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA, 2000)
  • Follow the Cannabis Act, Cannabis Regulations, and any new revisions set by PMRA
  • Work with chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides (spraying), and sanitizers while following all safety procedures regarding controlled products.
  • Proper pesticide application documentation, storage and disposal
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds, as required
  • Crouching, bending, kneeling, repetitive tasks, standing for extended periods of time are part of the job requirements.
  • Comply with Quality Assurance SOPs, policies, and guidelines and maintain strong documentation practices.
  • Other duties as required as assigned by ALL Departments


• 2 years or more in a hands-on IPM related role with cannabis

• Understanding of applicable provincial laws and regulations set by PMRA as they pertain to cannabis

• Passion for plant life and care.

• Ability to work both in a team and independently.

• Capable of frequent and repetitive hand movements.

• Ability to sit, kneel, bend and stand for a long time, and frequently walk during the scheduled shift

• Ability to work under high humidity/heat conditions while wearing PPE (e.g. respirators, Tyvek)

• Must be able to do repetitive lifting of up 50 lbs, unassisted.

• Ability to accurately follow multi-layered instructions


· Self-driven, hard-working, and able to communicate effectively

· High degree of flexibility, with a strong work ethic

· Effectively manage time and meet all specified deadlines

· Excellent organizational skills

· Strong team player

· Willingness to learn and develop

· Able to work in environment with varying temperatures

· Basic computer skills (Word, Excel, etc.)


The company will ask you to help out in other departments depending on company needs. This means that you may not always work in the department that you were hired, teamwork and getting product out to customers is the goal and this means helping out where you are needed is crucial to your success as well as the company’s success.

Job Type: Full-Time