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Junior Agent

We pride ourselves in building the careers of emerging agents. Our junior agents’ primary role is generating opportunities through prospecting, gathering market information, and preparing property evaluations.

Our junior agents support their division in the maintenance and improvement of all systems while helping drive projects forward. This includes taking ownership of inventory/development tracking, comparable transaction tracking, property valuations, and general research. They then leverage these activities to assist in both sales and marketing activities, including working with the marketing department to create educational marketing content.

Depending on experience, most agents will work in this role for approximately 6 – 12 months. After mastering the role and by being exposed to all facets of the business, they graduate to working directly with clients and prospects, as well as taking the lead on smaller listings and deals and assisting the senior agents on larger listings and deals.

Senior Agent

Our senior agents lead the strategy for their divisions and are mentors to their junior agents. They are the main lead generators, leveraging their existing network, experience, and systems to generate leads, develop prospects, and secure agency.

They oversee all division operations, listings, and deals - focusing on the “big fish” deals and opportunities - while delegating tasks based on shifting priorities and projects. They lead business development, marketing strategy, and help the division problem solve when needed.

Our senior agents have a deep understanding of market trends, which they use to guide prospects and clients through proposals, valuations, marketing materials, and more informal conversations.