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Are you ready to level up? Would you like to feel like the work you’re doing has an impact and moves the needle? EasyRedir is the global leader in providing enterprise-class, dedicated URL redirection services. We have thousands of customers that include the world’s most recognizable brands, Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups, cutting-edge agencies, governments, and organizations of every shape and size. Your work at EasyRedir will touch millions of people on a daily basis, and provide you with an exciting and rewarding career.

We're looking for a Lead Infrastructure Engineer to build and manage our cloud compute infrastructure.

Why consider EasyRedir?

  • We are a small team of agile, creative and driven people. You’ll never just be a number here.
  • Our small size enables everyone at EasyRedir to be aware of and engaged with what’s going on with most aspects of our business. Lots of opportunities to learn new skills, tools, and collaborate.
  • We believe deeply that our team is the key to our success. Happy employees make happy customers.
  • We are fanatical about giving our customers the best experience we can, whether it be through UX design, technology or customer support - our customers' success is also our success.
  • We offer a highly flexible “mostly remote” hybrid work environment. Most team members work from home most of the time. We periodically get together in person to do strategic or creative work, or to celebrate our success.
  • We employ an “async-first” communications approach whereby we try to use asynchronous communications techniques if possible (e.g. Slack, email, etc.), falling back to synchronous communications if needed (i.e. meetings).
  • We are diverse and inclusive - we welcome people of all backgrounds including women, LGBTQ+, people of colour, and all open-minded people.
  • We value our team members and customers and strive to demonstrate empathy, respect and patience in our dealings with each other.

Who are you?

  • You love solving unique, difficult problems with a collaborative, creative team.
  • You are someone who asks “why”, challenges the status quo, and makes us a better, smarter team.
  • You are data driven and inform your approach based on facts and evidence.
  • You bring a methodological mindset to your problem solving and troubleshooting.
  • You love to learn - you seek to improve yourself both on and off the job.
  • You want to see the impact of your work across the whole company.
  • You like independence in your work, but also love collaborating with a team when it comes to forging new paths.
  • You are results and outcomes oriented.
  • You have excellent written and verbal communications skills with a proficiency in business-oriented English.

What will you be doing?

  • Maintain and enhance infrastructure and systems for EasyRedir applications while ensuring scalability, resilience, and reliability to ensure we meet the needs of our rapidly growing customer base.
  • Iterate on processes to improve our ability to ship products faster while maintaining high quality systems that we can depend on.
  • Enhance tools and automation to fill the gaps in our current systems as well as build entirely new ones as we face bigger and more complex challenges.
  • Respond to infrastructure incidents and support the applicable engineering team with their incident response strategy.
  • Perform retrospectives and in-depth root cause analysis to ensure we are always improving.
  • Maintain and enhance our observability tools and processes to ensure we are responding to any issues before our customers become impacted.
  • Conduct load tests of critical infrastructure to increase our confidence when deploying major changes.
  • Work closely with staff and third-parties to manage our security posture and operations.

What are the requirements?


  • At least 5 years of experience in roles that contributed to system scalability, resilience, reliability and automation.
  • At least 3 years of experience building and deploying production workloads using AWS products such as EC2, RDS, Elasticache, CloudFront, Route 53, Kinesis Firehose, Lambda, S3, VPC, IAM, KMS, Certificate Manager and Athena.
  • At least 3 years of experience managing containerization infrastructure that facilitates fast and reliable application deployments.
  • At least 3 years of experience with infrastructure automation tools like Ansible and Terraform.
  • Expert-level knowledge on topics such as IP, TCP, UDP, DNS, HTTP and Linux system administration.
  • Experience building DDoS mitigation strategies and tuning environments to be prepared for denial of service attacks.
  • Experience with system visibility and alerting tools like Datadog, Pingdom, Bugsnag, Papertrail, PagerDuty, and StatusPage.


  • AWS certifications in products EasyRedir uses.
  • A basic understanding of how to use analytics tools like Google Analytics and Mixpanel.
  • General familiarity with CRM tools like Intercom and HubSpot.

About EasyRedir

EasyRedir is a URL redirection service that enables businesses to easily direct web traffic to where they need it, so customers and stakeholders can access their valuable online content and services. EasyRedir has extensive experience in large enterprise systems design and development and caters to all businesses with an online presence. The EasyRedir team includes experts in cloud software architecture and development, product design, DevOps, sales, and finance. EasyRedir also has a strong customer success team and a network of specialists ready to assist you with your URL redirection needs.