Software Developer - Temporary/Full-time (1 Year)

Product DevelopmentTempThunder Bay, ON

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Position Summary

The Software Developer creates and maintains software for both in house and customer critical products to support business and operational/industrial/process control systems with emphasis on design and use to create highly reliable and robust applications. This temporary full-time (contract) position requires a minimum of 37.5 hours each week, requiring both in-house and off-premises work in both office and industrial environments with occasional out of town travel. Some after hours and on-call work is required. This position reports directly to the Manager of IT/OT of Digital Engineering, Inc., but will also report to specific project managers as required.

Work requires skills specializing in developing, programming, analyzing, testing, installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting existing and new software throughout the products’ life cycle. Daily duties include independent and team software/system development and support of both internal and external customers’ solutions. This position requires frequent self-directed work and the ability to prioritize tasks and projects. This employee must demonstrate ingenuity and adaptability in an environment with rapidly changing technical and business requirements while maintaining enthusiasm and using sound practices.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Install, configure and verify operation of custom software solutions, third party software products
  • Support and maintain integrated solutions combined of custom and third party software
  • Create and implement migration and test plans for upgrading versions of existing custom software solutions
  • Write, maintain, and deliver technical documents such as specifications, users manuals, step-by-step guides for internal and external customers
  • Provide training for custom software solutions and third party software to internal and external customers
  • Provide support, review, and design consideration for software products
  • Provide technical outlines, time estimates, and timelines for software development
  • Develop, plan, implement, refine, and produce software solutions for internal and external customers
  • Analyze and provide upgrade recommendations for existing software built with older technologies
  • Design software with permissions and available security mechanisms in an enterprise environment
  • Prepare, execute, and perform testing on custom software to validate operation
  • Test, analyze and develop plans to optimize software for fault tolerance, improved performance, added functionality, and ensure highly reliable operation
  • Develop data, process and network models to optimize architecture and evaluate performance and reliability of designs
  • Evaluate and learn new technologies, languages, tools as required

Skills & Required Knowledge

  • Strong programming skills using languages including .NET languages, Java, C, C++
  • Strong ability to generate intuitive and easy to use interfaces for Windows based computers, Web/GUI, and mobile/tablet platforms
  • Strong skills for software validation and scenario testing in preparation for software distribution
  • Strong ability to troubleshoot, inline or remote, using a variety of tools and IDEs.
  • Proficient with command line development tools and IDEs including Visual Studio and Eclipse
  • Ability to develop and integrate with distributed processing technologies using Web Services, SOAP, REST, JSON
  • Familiar with Microsoft SQL operation, structure, interactions, security, and scheduled tasks, including SSIS and SSRS
  • Familiar with and capable of working with standard software design lifecycle and software security development lifecycle processes
  • Familiar with operation of and interaction of TCP/IP networks from an application perspective
  • Familiar with Windows Server Operating Systems to ensure correct operation of developed software
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office software tools
  • Ability to develop and integrate with 3rd party services or applications such as Microsoft Office

Qualifications (Education, Credentials, Skills and Experience)

  • Software Technology/Engineering diploma or degree from a recognized institution with 2+ years experience
  • A nationally and industry recognized certification directly pertaining to the job is desired
  • Valid Ontario driver’s license is required at time of appointment and at all time while employed
  • A current criminal background check (Level 1 CPIC)