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Penetration Tester

We’re currently searching for an experienced and driven individual to join our team in the role of Penetration Tester.

Carbide is an information security and privacy compliance management system for businesses selling to large enterprises. The Carbide platform uses industry-leading best practices to assemble information security policies and create implementation tasks, making policy adherence easy. Carbide's software has navigated companies through the complex security requirements of major players like Microsoft, Netflix, National Bank, Target and more.

We’re searching for an experienced Penetration Tester to join our team. In this role you will use a mix of current tools and tactics to perform penetration tests on various environments, including web applications, APIs, mobile, and cloud infrastructure.

The ideal candidate for this role will have experience working with early and growth stage technology companies.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Perform penetration tests on various environments, including web applications, APIs, mobile, and cloud infrastructure.
  • Maintain awareness of current attack vectors and unique methods of exploitation
  • Develop and manage testing methodologies that adhere to common security guidelines such as OWASP and frameworks such NIST 800
  • Provide detailed reports with evidence of vulnerabilities
  • Provide guidance and advice to support customer through remediation of vulnerabilities
  • lead customer education workshops
  • conduct security audits
  • write security assessment reports

Working at Carbide

Carbide is a fully remote organization that appreciates the quality of life benefits of working from home. We have flexible working hours, as well as allotted vacation and health maintenance time. Team members enjoy comprehensive healthcare benefits, fully-funded professional development opportunities, and memberships to professional organizations.

Our Vision

To embed security and privacy into the DNA of all organizations

Our Mission

We help organizations understand, navigate, embrace, and exceed the security & privacy expectations of their customers by helping them embed security and privacy best practices into their DNA.

By simplifying those best practices so that they’re easier to understand, implement, and sustain, Carbide aims to make enterprise-class security accessible to fast-growing organizations.

Qualifications, Core Skills, and Experience

  • 3 years of professional experience conducting Vulnerability analysis and Penetration Testing assessments (mid to senior level pen tester)
  • Strong knowledge of implementing and maintaining security measures in cloud-based web applications
  • Strong knowledge of ethical hacking principles and techniques
  • Understanding of Vulnerability Assessment methodologies
  • familiarity with exploits and vulnerabilities outside of tool suites
  • Strong knowledge of web and mobile application security
  • knowledge of web communications and security technologies
  • knowledge of network and cloud architecture and different networking components
  • Soft skills: Problem solving, public speaking, report writing, self-motivatted
  • 4+ years experience
  • Penetration Testing or Ethical Hacker certification
  • Ability to communicate effectively with customers
  • Multi-tasking ability

About Carbide

Not having proper information security in place cost Carbide’s co-founders, Darren Gallop and Laird Wilton, a six-figure deal at a previous SaaS company. As they engaged consultants and worked to implement information security best practices, they found the available solutions for infosec management came up short. With that, Carbide was born.

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