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Wilvaken 2022 – Program Staff Application

What is Wilvaken looking for when you apply to work as a counsellor?

At Wilvaken, we are always looking for people that are a good fit with the camp culture and values that we present. We are looking for someone hard working, caring, and who looks forward to spending the summer in a small community where you get the chance to meet different people and experience personal growth.

Since 1958, many of our employees have cherished the experience. Many have returned to us year after year. We are always striving to find the right kind of person who is independent, knowledgeable, has initiative, loves the outdoors and above all, loves to be with children!

Camp counselling is a unique experience – a fun and healthy outdoor life and a great place to make friends. However it is a very demanding job as you are acting as “in loco parentis” to children ages 6-16. You are caring for the children, as would a parent – but with that special difference – you are not a parent, nor are you a best buddy or baby-sitter – you are a counsellor.

The responsibility of being a counsellor starts when children are left in our care by their parents. Upon returning home, we hope campers have learned something about living in this world, in a community, have enjoyed themselves and gained independence and self-esteem. In order to do this, you have to reflect on the impact and connections you build while at camp. We want Wilvaken to be an active, inclusive and respectful place for all!

Here are a few thoughts that staff have shared in past years about their summers at Wilvaken:

“Seeing a camper change and come out of their shell after their stay at camp, or change personality for the better because of how much they enjoy being at camp definitely shows that there was an impact by someone or by many people.”

“It helped me grow so much through the years. You gain so much by working at camp, from the campers, but also by being in nature. I gained so much confidence in myself and it feels so good to see campers happy and learning!”

“To me the most important aspect of this summer was the friendships amongst staff. Getting past the first excitement of being included amongst such a cool, grounded group of people who I looked up to as a camper, I felt like the interactions we had this summer really translated to the campers, and impacted the vibe of the day or activity we were running. Being close with everyone on staff is probably the most important aspect of the whole ‘Wilvaken dynamic’. It’s the root of spirit and enthusiasm and everything comes easily when you feel comfortable and responsible around your peers.”

“Being a counsellor has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Wilvaken has a habit of bringing the most incredible, kind, genuine people together and I'm thankful everyday I have this place to call home.”

Terms & Expectations

Staff is selected for their influence as positive role models, their abilities to work with children, and their activity skills. Below are some of the Terms and Expectations for you to consider before applying for this coming summer:

  • Enjoy being with, and guiding youth ages 6-16 years
  • Have some experience leading children – it's great to get involved outside of camp too!
  • Feel comfortable living and working in a shared community
  • Be inclusive of all people regardless of differences such as race, religion, gender, ability
  • Get along with your peers, campers, and Leadership Team
  • Be a true team player who takes initiative
  • Be able to accept constructive criticism, as well as praise
  • Give lots of energy, enthusiasm and imagination
  • Love to plan activities, entertain large groups and teach in a fun, outdoors environment.
  • Be dedicated to the happiness of children
  • Enjoy dancing, singing and generally being silly in front of a crowd!
  • Volunteer for things during camp and during the year if you have time
  • Love the outdoors aspect of camp life
  • Be proud of your job and strive to improve in both your job and your activities
  • Be considerate and respect the needs of the people around you
  • Be safety conscious
  • Communicate well in both French and English as the camp uses both languages on a daily basis ⮚ Be a people-person, easy to talk to, approachable
  • Care for your living space and activity equipment as if it were your own Hold a current certification in basic Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Standard First Aid.

for more information about working with Camp Wilvaken please click here for our new staff information guide.