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Camp Maple Leaf

Camp Maple Leaf is a not-for-profit sleepover camp for children of military families and children living with unique challenges. CML staff are caring, compassionate, outgoing people from every walk of life who are excited to work together with a motivated team to give campers the complete summer camp experience in just 5 days. We focus on building friendships and creating memories that last a lifetime for our campers, and the goal of every session is that each camper leaves with a new friendship that follows them home. For all of the campers and families that we serve, Camp Maple Leaf is a home base that they can return to year after year, and our staff are the people who make this happen!

What is a camp counsellor?

As a camp counsellor, you are a friend, a teacher, an instructor, an actor, a shoulder to cry on, and a friend to anyone in need. You are a part of a large team of counsellors who share a similar passion for working with children, the outdoors, and for creating the magic of summer camp! At Camp Maple Leaf, this team is made of all types of positions: camp counsellors, group leaders, activity specialists, lifeguards, support staff, and head staff. Staff members in these roles work together to provide campers with a unique camp experience, and lead by example all of the ways that campers can challenge themselves while at camp. This could be by jumping in the lake, taking a role in the play, or leading a song at campfire; whatever it is and whatever your challenge is, you will be a role model for our campers! Working as a camp counsellor means long days, bug bites, being covered head-to-toe in paint, glitter, and dirt while still being able smile and maintain a positive attitude. Ultimately, our priorities at camp are simple: for our campers to have a safe camp experience while having fun and making friends along the way!

For more information on working with Camp Maple Leaf please visit our Staff Recruitment Manual.