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Wedding DJ/MC

bb Blanc is currently looking for Professional Wedding DJs / MCs with 5+ years of wedding experience to join our team.

For over 20 years, bb Blanc’s team has served the audiovisual and social entertainment industries, providing both high-level audiovisual and unique entertainment solutions to Canadian hospitality, corporate, and entertainment markets.

Duties and Responsibilities

· Bookings: The majority of weddings will be on Friday to Sunday, most during the summer and fall. Once the wedding is confirmed and details have been passed on, proper Playlist execution of desired music and video content becomes the DJ’s responsibility.

· Bride Management: Content and agenda for the wedding will be received by the Detailer, reviewed by the Social production manager and passed to the scheduled DJ on the Tuesday before the event. For the weddings which the DJ accepts the DJ will then be responsible for further confirming the song selection and agenda with the bride for any last-minute changes via courtesy call on the Wednesday before the event .

· The Reception: DJ will be trained on the use of bb Blanc equipment. The DJ will be responsible for testing to ensure proper setup despite bb Blanc technicians executing the initial set. The DJ will then be responsible for event execution consisting of minor switching / and lighting control through the use of light jockey, and emceeing the wedding when required and agreed upon. The DJ will lead dances and events including but not limited to bridal party announcements, first dances, dinner announcements, and more. After the event, the DJ is to assist technician with minor details of dismantle until their contracted finish time has been reached

Qualifications and Requirements

· Professionalism: Must remain professional in terms of language, dress, and actions.

· Public Speaking: Ability to speak in front of a crowd to announce bridal party and other announcements (dinner, cake cutting, dances). All announcements will be made via microphone.

· Leadership: Ability to coordinate the reception based on the plan. Finding bride and groom to keep agenda on schedule. Ability to work in high stress environment. The DJ essentially becomes the leader and coordinator at the reception.

· Promptness: The candidate must be prompt in getting back to brides, and regarding the timing at the wedding. The DJ should arrive early to weddings for proper set-up.

· Technical Skills: Basic technical skills are required, but all can be easily learned. This includes but is not limited to: Microsoft Word, Word Press, PowerPoint, PCDJ, I-Tunes, basic wireless microphone, basic mixer, Mac computer, speakers, Light Jockey, and basic switching. You will also be trained on all of these necessary skills.

Along with your resume we ask that you send a Mix of some of your past work as well as a current headshot. We will be reaching out and contacting those who we feel may be a good fit for our company for an interview.